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How To Unlock Hidden System UI Tuner In Moto G4 Plus

Motorola Moto G4 Plus is a budget android smartphone with an outstanding camera. It is the latest smartphone in the moto G series that is known for its stock android experience and simplicity. The moto G plus features a Snapdragon 617 chipset which is actually an octa-core CPU with 3 GB RAM. From camera point of view, Moto G4 Plus currently has the best camera in its price range offering laser focus and PDAF and is one of the good android smartphones.

The phone runs android 6.0.1 Marshmallow with stock UI. No modifications have been made to the UI. The UI experience is smooth on this phone. And unlike other phones, it is very easy to run service tests on Moto G4 plus. There are many hidden features and apps on this phone. Recently we found a hidden amazon app on Moto G4 plus. Now we are going to uncover another hidden feature of this smartphone which is system tuner.

System tuner may not be useful to most users. But still, it is good for customizing the status bar and the quick settings tray. You can hide many icons from the status bar like the Wi-Fi, cellular networks, flight mode etc. You can also remove unnecessary shortcuts from the quick settings tray. This will let you manage only those shortcuts that you use frequently. Some unused settings shortcuts are Bluetooth, invert colors, hotspot, etc. Finally, you can enable embedded battery percentage inside the battery icon.

How To Unlock Hidden System UI Tuner In Moto G4 Plus And Moto G4

  • Swipe down from the top of the screen to access quick settings shortcut.
  • Here you will see the "Settings" a gear-like icon.
  • Long tap this icon for 5 seconds. It will start rotating and automatically unlock "System Tuner".
  • Now open app drawer and go to Settings and scroll down to the end. Tap "System UI Tuner".

Show Embedded Battery Percentage

Tap "Show embedded battery percentage". When this option is enabled then the battery percentage can be seen in its icon. So you no longer need to swipe down the system tray and see the battery capacity.

moto g4 plus system ui tuner

Customize Status Bar

Tap status bar and disable all the options here that you do not want to appear in the status bar. Suppose if you disable Wi-Fi here then when Wi-Fi gets activated then its icon will not appear in the status bar. Similarly, you can enable or disable more options.

Customize Quick Settings Tray

In quick settings tray, you can see many shortcuts like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Data connection, SIM status, flight mode, flashlight etc. Some of the shortcuts like hotspot, invert colors, cast, do not disturb are merely used. So you can remove this shortcuts from the quick shortcuts tray. Just tap "Quick Settings" the shortcuts tray will open.

From here you can drag and drop any icon to change its location. To remove any icon first scroll down until you see "Add tile" then long tap any icon and drag it to the delete icon below to remove it. Tap "Add tile" and select the shortcut that you want to use again in the shortcuts tray. If you don't like this hidden feature then go to "Settings>System UI Tuner". Here tap the menu icon on top right corner that is three vertical dots and tap "Remove from Settings".

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