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How To Take Good Care Of Your Laptop Charger

A laptop charger or basically called an adapter is the sole power supply of a laptop computer. It serves two purposes, first one is powering the laptop and second one is charging the battery. A laptop can also be run without battery when you plug in the charger. Older laptop computers from 90's to newest laptop have one thing in common that all of them have a charger (external power supply). Without is you can't even think of powering your notebook.

Most of the time laptop chargers are just ignored and doesn't require much attention. But a laptop adapter should be checked for minor faults that can damage a laptop battery or the charging circuit. These adapters have various voltage ratings like 19V. So it is possible that overtime a laptop charger may deliver a high DC voltage or may deliver a lower voltage rating then actually required. A high voltage is not good for any laptop computer because it will damage the motherboard in the long run.

How To Take Good Care Of Your Laptop Charger

Below are some tips that will help you keep your laptop charger in a working state. Following the tips mentioned below will help you to extend the laptop charger's life.

1. Battery Charging: It is recommended to charge the battery your notebook is switched off. It has two benefits, one is that battery will take less time to charge and the adapter will produce less heat. If you are working for long hours then remove the battery and power your notebook directly from the charger. When battery isn't there the charger will run cooler because no current is drawn for charging the battery.

Note: You can use a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) when the battery isn't installed to prevent sudden shutdowns when electric power goes off.

2. Check Adapter's Voltage: Every laptop charger has a voltage rating. Mine has 19V rating. It is the DC power output that your notebook requires to work. You can use a digital voltmeter(multimeter) to check the laptop charger's voltage. See the image below.

Warning: Incorrectly using the multimeter may damage the charger. I take no responsibility for this.

Make sure that you know how to use a handheld digital multimeter. To test the laptop charger voltage make sure that you have connected the red wire to volt-ohm mA jack and black wire to com jack. Now set the dial to 20V DC if your charger rating is 19V. Now check the readings. It should be 19 volts. Don't worry if the reading comes out to be 19.23 or something in terms of 19.xx.

laptop charger multimeter test

3. Check The Adapter Wire: Most times it happens that the adapters wire breaks due to twisting and rolling it. In this situation the wire comes out of its protective sheath and may cause short circuiting. This is a dangerous situation. If a chargers stops suddenly then you should check the wire insulation first. Before using it again you should get it repaired at authorized OEM service centers.

4. Replacement: When the laptop charger's voltage is not what it mentions and if it gets too hot even when the battery is not installed then you should consider it replacing with a new one. Always buy OEM products.

5. Avoid Faulty Power Outlets: Do not use faulty power outlets that are not protected with a circuit breaker. In this case if a high voltage flows then it will go directly through the laptop charger which in turn may completely burn it or even damage your laptop computer.

Laptop chargers are built to last longer and they require very less maintenance. But voltage should be checked once a month to avoid damage to your notebook.

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  1. do we can charge the laptop and use it in same time?

    1. Yes you can charge and use the laptop simultaneously. But avoid this situation if your laptop sits completely at home. If you don't take your laptop outside then I suggest you using the laptop on a UPS's power while the battery is removed. Do not completely drain the battery (<40% level) and do not charge the battery (>90%). Do not play games while your laptop is running on battery.

      Use battery only when you go outside. Use a UPS for home, plug the charger in laptop then plug it in UPS.

      Laptop batteries are 2X expensive than a UPS. A UPS not only provides power backup but it also prevents low/high voltage and provides good surge protection to your laptop.

      Well the charger is capable enough to filter out the bad electricity, but using a UPS greatly reduces the unnecessary working load on the adapter. If you use a UPS then your laptop's, its battery and charger's life will be greatly increased.