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Samsung Galaxy S7 Not Charging: How To Fix

Galaxy S7 is the latest flagship smartphone from Samsung which is IP68 certified. An IP68 certified android smartphone is dust proof and water resistant. Most people get it wrong when we talk about water proof and water resistant. Both are different features. A water proof phone can't be damaged even put under water for a long time. While water resistant phones can only resist water based damage for up to 30 minutes. Galaxy S7 is water resistant over 1.5 meter and 30 minutes.

galaxy s7 not charging

This means that your Galaxy S7 is pretty safe from water spills and is also safe when it gets submerged in water. Your Galaxy S7 has an ability to prevent damage cause by water. Since it can't easily get inside the phone's circuits because the phone is completely sealed. But do note that the micro USB charging port of Galaxy S7 can give charging related problems when it gets wet.

When there is water or moisture on the charging port then Galaxy S7 will return a "Moisture has been detected" message on the screen when you connect the charger. In this case the phone doesn't charge to prevent electrical damages to the phone's circuit board. This is a build in safety feature.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Not Charging: How To Fix

It is uncommon for your phone to not charge on connecting the charger. When this happens you should immediately disconnect the charger to prevent any damages. Its a sign that moisture is still present on the charging port since the time you had dropped it in water and forgot to dry it. In this case Galaxy S7 will notify you.

If this happens then your phone will not charge and it is unusual to do so. Because moisture and electric charge from the charger can seriously damage your phone. It may damage the battery because charging the phone from a moist port can make the battery very hot. Wireless charging is not affected by moisture but in case you do not have any wireless charger then you have to fix the problem as soon as possible.

It is also not necessary that moisture being always responsible. Other problems may arise like defective charger, defective USB cable or defective phone. In this case you should check the charger first whether it is working on other phones or not. Also check the USB cable. If everything is okay then sometimes restarting a Galaxy S7 also fixes charging related problems.

Basically moisture doesn't deposit on the charging port under normal room temperature. But it may happen that you dropped the phone in water and forgot to dry it completely. Moisture may also deposit if your phone is sitting idle in a cool room whose temperature has gone below normal.

How To Dry A Wet Charging Port On Galaxy S7

  • Do not use any object to clean the port as it may damage it.
  • Simply shake the device to remove any water droplets.
  • You can also blow air to remove moisture.

The moisture on the charging port will automatically dry out on its own within a day. So till the time you can use a wireless charger to power your device. Because cleaning the port with sharp object or thick cotton swab may result in a broken port.

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