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How To Play Counter Strike 1.6 Game On Android

Counter Strike 1.6 is a First Person Shooter (FPS) multiplayer video game that was released for the Microsoft Windows in the year 2000. Counter Strike from Valve corporation has a 16 year old legacy which is the base for today's many FPS games. Counter Strike 1.6 was the last major update to this game. Due to compatibility issues this game may not run on newer PCs with advanced hardware. But you should be thankful to Alibek Omarev who ported this game to android phones and tablets.

You should know that this is not an official port and Valve corporation has no role in porting the game to android except developing the game 16 years ago. The developer has developed a client app that can be installed on your android phone. This app emulates the original Counter Strike 1.6 game on your phone with many on screen touch controls. The gameplay is exactly the same but currently there would be no real multiplayers. You will only be competing with AI bots.

Downloads Required

1. Counter Strike 1.6 Game Setup
2. CS16Client APK. Download the OMP version for multi-core android phone and NOOMP for single core android phones.
3. Xash3D APK

How To Play Counter Strike 1.6 Game On Android

  • Download the game for a Windows PC and install it.
  • Now go to the game directory and copy 'Valve' and 'CStrike' folders.
  • Make a folder named 'xash' on your phone's sd card and paste the above two folders in this xash folder.
  • Install CS16Client and Xash3D.
  • Open the the client app and tap "Launch cs-16-client".
  • You will see the game with several options.

    counter strike 1.6 android
  • Tap 'Multiplayer' then select 'LAN game'.
  • Then tap 'Create game'. 
  • Tap a game from the list with a proper title and tap 'Ok'. Start playing the game.

Note: This is an unofficial port so it is not necessary that the game will definitely run on your phone. You may get a common error as "Cannot load Sniper Scope arcs. Check sprites/scope_arc.*tga file". However if you are able to run the game then do let us know.

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