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Motorola Boot Animation : Why It Keeps Changing On Motorola Phones

Recently I have seen that the boot animation on Moto X and Moto G 3rd Generation has changed completely. Previously the boot animation on Moto G 2015 was a rolling yarn and the Motorola logo evolving as collection of fabric stitch. This stitch boot animation has now completely vanished from Motorola phones and now you see the older one (revolving earth) on your Moto G3.

So what’s the reason behind this boot animation change? People are complaining that this boot animation change happened as a result of factory reset or hard resetting their Moto phones in recovery mode, but I would say this is not the reason. In this post I will tell you the correct reason behind this.

Why Motorola Boot Animation Changes On Moto G 2015 And Moto X

The reason behind this is simple, Motorola keep pushing boot animation updates to their phones. There is an app installed on your Moto G3 ‘Motorola Boot Animation’ which shows you startup animation when your phone starts up. This is the reason why the stitch boot animation changed on Moto G 2015, this animation was available from July 1st to 31 October 2015. People who bought Moto G 3rd Gen after 31st October will not see the stitch startup.

motorola stitch

How To Get Back Stitch Boot Animation On Moto G 2015

Note : Use this procedure at your own risk, as this is the manual method of flashing a system update on your phone. Motorola keep updating the boot animation, so reverting back to an older one is not a wise decision because it will automatically change with the official release of Motorola Boot Animation.

  • Download the Motorola Stitch MBA package here.
  • Unlock the bootloader in ‘Developer Options’.
  • Reboot the phone in recovery mode, see it how.
  • Choose ‘Flash zip from Sdcard’, and grab the package.
  • Wait for few seconds.
  • Finally reboot the phone.

Below is a video showing all the boot animation on Motorola Phones.

Collection Of Motorola Boot Animations

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