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How To Install Tempered Glass Screen Protector On Your Phone

If you own a smartphone that has the Corning Gorilla Glass protection then installing a Tempered Glass Screen Protector is a must buy thing for it. It protects the original phone’s screen from accidental breakage and also protects it from shattering. A tempered glass screen protector once installed on your phone’s screen will protect it from scratches and save the screen from breaking. Since it is very cumbersome and expensive to replace a broken Corning Gorilla Glass, its better to protect it with TGSP, because it is much more easy and cheap to replace a broken TGSP.

So here we go, this tutorial will teach you to install the TGSP on Moto G (3rd Generation), but it can be used for any other smartphone from Samsung, Motorola, Windows Phones or even iPhones.


  • A good quality Tempered Glass Screen Protector for your phone. Please note that these glass screen protectors are smartphone specific.
  • Your phone ofcourse.

About Tempered Glass Screen Protector

A Tempered Glass Screen Protector is a multi-layered glass screen guard specially designed for your phone’s screen which protects the Gorilla Glass from breaking or shattering. In case of a fall it absorbs all the impact’s energy and may or may not break into smaller granuels, depending upon the force of impact. You will get following things with the package.

  • The glass screen itself.
  • Guide Stickers : You may get 2-3 guide stickers, these stickers will hold the TGSP in place so that it correctly sticks to the phone’s screen without leaving uneven space on the screen.

    mobile screen dust absorber sticker
  • Dust Absorber Sticker : This sticker is used to remove tiny dust particles from the screen.
  • Dry and Wet Cleaners : These cleaners cleans the screen completely without leaving any dirt.

    wet/dry cleaner paper

Warning : Installing a Tempered Glass Screen Protector is a work of patience, its a win or fail situation. Do not remove the protective plastic film from TGSP unless you are told to do so.

How To Install Tempered Glass Screen Protector On Your Phone

  • Place the phone on a firm location, so that it can’t move. Avoid slippery surfaces.
  • Stick the guided stickers on the Tempered Glass Screen Protector on any side.

    moto g tempered glass
  • Now start aligning the Tempered Glass on your phone’s screen and see that it correctly fits on the phone’s screen.  This is a hit and trial sequence, do until you correctly manage to fit it on the screen.
  • When the correct fit is achieved, its time to fix the TGSP in place so that it can not move here and there. Just stick the guide stickers with side of the phone and finally stick them with the surface. See the image below.

  • Finally make a check to see that the TGSP is right in place, just lift it up like you open a door and see it should come on the exact place.
  • Now gently lift the Tempered Glass and keep it aside, adjacent to phone’s screen without disturbing the guide stickers.
  • Now start cleaning the screen. First use the ‘Wet Cleaner’, clean the screen thoroughly but gently, then use the ‘Dry Cleaner’. Finally after cleaning make sure that screen is free from any debris, even a tiny dust particle will ruin the process.
  • Now use the ‘Dust Absorber’ sticker. Keep sticking it to different portions of the screen so that it will pickup tiny dust particles and make the screen ultra clean.
  • Finally check the screen, it should be completely clean without any dust particles. If you find any then repeat the cleaning process.

Final Step

  • Now carefully remove the plastic film from the Tempered Glass Screen Protector and do not touch the back of the glass screen.
  • Gently put it over the cleaned phone’s screen without disturbing the guide stickers.
  • It will automatically start to stick itself to the screen. Use a plastic card to set the TGSP, if you encounter any bubbles or spots then use plastic card to set them, a gentle swipe with a plastic card will fix all bubbles and spots.
  • Finally the TGSP is installed.
  • Now start removing the guide stickers from the glass screen protector gently.

    guide stickers guide stickers removed

Scratch Test

I have tested the Tempered Glass Screen Protector against scratches. I used normal keys but failed to give any scratch. But do not push it hard while testing.

Screen Sensitivity

I haven’t found any issues with the touch screen sensitivity. The screen is responsive without any touch delays. The screen’s colours and brightness are intact.

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  1. This guide really helped me alot. Thank you.

  2. Thanks. That was really useful to me, since my screen protector did not come with actual instructions. The idea that the stickers are hinges never occurred to me.