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Download Avast Grime Fighter For Android

Avast Grime Fighter is an android cleaner app that cleans up junk, unwanted files, gallery thumbnails and cache from your android phone, thereby freeing up space and enable the phone to run faster. Android phones generate a lot of junk files from various apps and the OS itself. These cache and junk files need to be cleaned for optimal device performance. These unwanted files can slow down your phone. For cleaning your android phone you can use Avast Grime Fighter because it is a light weight app and works faster. If you are already using any other cleaner app on your android then give Avast CleanUp a try.

avast grime fighter


How To Use Avast CleanUp/Grime Fighter

  • Download and install the app.
  • Open it and tap the menu button on top right corner. Tap ‘Settings’.
  • Check ‘Thumbnails’. You can also check ‘APKs’ if you want to clean residual APK files.
  • Scroll down and check ‘Advanced Cleaning Review’ and ‘Safe Clean Review’.
  • When ‘Safe Clean Review’ is enabled then Avast CleanUp will show you the list of items that are queued for cleaning when you tap the ‘Safe Clean’ button.
  • By looking at the list you can spot any important data and prevent it from deleting accidently.

avast grime fighter review

Advanced Cleaning

In Advanced Cleaning you can totally remove unwanted or unused ‘Applications’, ‘Media Files’, ‘Files’ and ‘App Data’. Advanced cleaning should be handled carefully to avoid any personal data loss.

Cloud Storage

You can upload your files to ‘Dropbox’ for cloud storage, if you ever want to.

Why To Install

  • If you want a light weight android cleaner app.
  • The app scans the entire smartphone for junk, cache and unwanted files.
  • It quickly removes the junk files.
  • Have a safety clean feature to save your important files from deleting accidently.
  • Advanced cleaning is somewhat better than other cleaners.

Why Not To Install

  • If you are already using any other android junk cleaner app.
  • If you want an android cleaner with ram booster.
  • Cleaning gallery thumbnails is of no use.

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