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Things You Can Do With Apple Watch If It Is Not Paired With iPhone

Apple Watch is a smartwatch designed by Apple inc. This smartwatch is specially designed to track your fitness, heart rate and workouts. However the Apple Watch needs to be paired with iPhone via Bluetooth to unlock its full potential. It is capable of receiving phone calls as well as iMessage and SMS texts via a paired iPhone and can track fitness, run third-party apps and use an Apple Watch features called "Handoff".

apple iwatch

It can also control Apple TV, can act as a walkie-talkie, a viewfinder for an iPhone camera, give directions to user via native Maps app, and can store loyalty cards and tickets in Passbook. Apple Watch also includes Siri, a personal assistant. Apple Watch uses "force touch" input, which allows the watch to know whether the force being applied is hard or soft.

As you can see that above mentioned functions will only be performed if the Apple Watch is connected to an iPhone 5, iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus running on iOS 8.2 or later.

Now We will see what an Apple Watch can do if it is not paired with an iPhone. Does it work like an ordinary wrist watch?

The answer is 'No' as it is capable of doing some useful tasks that an analog watch can never do.

Things You Can Do With Apple Watch If It Is Not Paired With iPhone

These are list of all the tasks that can be done if the Apple UK Watch is not connected with iPhone or if the iPhone is not in the range.

  • Track workouts : It can track your workouts, heartbeat, stairs climbed etc.
  • Play music from a synced playlist on Apple Watch by using wireless bluetooth headset. The 2 GB storage is enough to store your favorite music.
  • Use the watch UI, alarms, timers, and the stopwatch.
  • Keep track of your activity (stand, move, exercise) with the Activity icon app.
  • Display photos from synced photo albums.
  • Use Apple Pay to make purchases.
apple watch music playlist

If the Apple Watch and the iPhone are on the same Wi-Fi network and are not connected to each other then Apple Watch can perform these functions below.

  • Send and receive messages using iMessage.
  • Send and receive Digital Touch messages.
  • Use Siri assistant.
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