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List Of All Status Icons In Apple Watch

Apple Watch is a smartwatch developed by Apple inc. The Apple Watch has fitness tracking and health-oriented capabilities and integration with iOS and other Apple products and services. This smartwatch comes in 3 variants. The Apple Watch needs to be paired with iPhone to work at its full potential. Without pairing it can not do much tasks, see What Apple Watch Can Do When Not Connected To iPhone. It is best used a workout and fitness tracker.

apple watch status icons

The smartwatch shows you some status icons that has some meaning which points to a notification. These status icons remain on the screen unless they are checked.

List Of All Status Icons In Apple Watch

 Airplane Mode : All wireless connections are disabled. But non-wireless features are active.

    Charging : The watch is charging the battery.

 Do Not Disturb : Calls and alerts won’t sound or light up the screen, but alarms are still in effect.

    Lock : Apple Watch is locked with a passcode.

  Loading: There’s some wireless activity or an active process is going on.

  Notification: You have an unread notification. It can be a sms, missed call, Whatsapp notification.

   Disconnected from your iPhone: Apple Watch has lost the connection with its paired iPhone.

These are the default status icons in Apple Watch. If you find any new status icon then don't forget to tell us. Please share the article if you liked it.

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