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How To Take Voice Guided Selfie From Rear Camera On Android

Selfies are really popular today. Everybody loves to take their own selfie with their smartphones having a front camera. Selfie is a photo that is captured by ourselves without the help of anyone by using an  android smartphone. Most android smartphones does not have a front facing camera, so you may be thinking that how is it possible to take selfies without front camera. In this tutorial I am going to teach you how to take selfies from the rear camera of your android phone by using an android app. This app has voice guided facility which will tell you how to move the camera, in which direction to move the phone whether left or right, whether to take the camera away or closer to your face to take the best selfie shot.

voice guided selfie on android

How To Take Selfie From Rear Camera On Android

  • Download Smart Selfie from play store and install it.
  • Open it and tap ‘No’.
  • Now ‘Current Settings’ will open. Tap ‘Change’.
  • Change the number of faces by sliding the slider towards right.
  • Scroll down and increase volume to 100%.
  • Tap ‘OK’.
  • Now tap menu button of your android phone and choose ‘More’. Here tap ‘Preview Size’ and choose ‘480x320’.
  • Again go to ‘More>Focus Mode’ and choose ‘auto’.
  • Now restart app and face the rear camera to take your selfie.
  • The app will give you voice guided instructions like move phone camera to left, right or closer to your face.
  • Finally it will say hold the camera at a place and say cheese. That’s it, your selfie photo will be captured.
  • You can find your photos in the android album.
You have successfully learn to take selfies from the rear camera on your android smartphone.

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