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How To Get Avast Antivirus Premium Free For 90 Days On Android

Avast Mobile antivirus is the leading mobile security and antivirus app for android smartphones. This is the first android antivirus that can take complete control of your android phone if it is rooted. If your phone is rooted and avast antivirus premium is installed on it then it will be more secure than non-rooted android smartphones running some other antivirus apps. Currently avast mobile is free to download in play store but it also offers in-app purchases from where you can buy the premium version for $14 per year. The premium version of avast mobile includes following.

  • Perimeter GeoFencing: The phone performs specified actions when it leaves the set perimeter.
  • App Lock: You can lock unlimited number of apps in premium version.
  • Increase Access Security: Locks the device and takes the picture of the person who attempts to unlock it after three unsuccessful attempts.
  • Detect Ads In Apps: Automatically detects ads in apps and provide all info about their tracking system.
The best feature about avast antivirus premium is the avast anti-theft which has some marvelous features that other antivirus apps fail to provide. Some notable features include the following.

  • Take Picture Of Thief From Front Camera: When your phone is lost then you can take picture of person having your phone from the phone’s front camera by sending a remote sms with a command. You would need an avast account for this.
  • Record Audio: You can send a command to record audio on your lost device.
  • Fetch Call Logs.
  • Force Your Lost Phone To Make A Call.
  • Track With GPS.
However these are just few features but this is not the complete list. There are many Remote SMS commands that can take control over your lost android phone. In the next post I will write avast mobile security review.

Well the above information is enough to tell you how good is avast android antivirus with such premium features. And the good news is that I am going to teach you how to get avast antivirus premium free virus protection for 90 days on android. For the next 3 months you will use all the premium features of avast mobile for free. The procedure is official and avast is itself giving free license for 90 if you invite 15 friends via SMS. If you invite 5 friends via SMS then you will get 30 days free license key.

How To Get Avast Antivirus Premium Free For 90 Days On Android

  • Download and install avast security for android from here.
  • Open it tap menu and select ‘Earn a free Premium license’.
  • Make sure internet data is ON. Now tap ‘Invite’ and select 5 friends from your phonebook and send them SMS. Please note that carrier charges are applicable.
avast antivirus premium free for android

  • After sending the messages a popup will open tap ‘Claim Your License’.

  • Return to Avast home and the free license will turn to premium.

  • Repeat this process further two times to get the license extension upto 90 days for that you have to SMS another 10 friends and bear the SMS carrier charges. It your choice. However the premium upgrade may only show 30 days, but your subscription will be valid for maximum 90 days.
  • After the trial period you can stick to avast free mobile security.
You have successfully got avast security antivirus premium free on android for 90 days

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