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How To Fix High Processor Usage In Chrome For Mac

Most Apple Mac users are experiencing a high CPU usage problem while using chrome browser. The chrome browser unexpectedly makes high CPU usage on MAC this overheats the processor. The MAC's fan keeps spinning at a high speed blowing out hot air continuously. Besides high processor usage chrome also makes high memory/RAM usage which makes the macbook sluggish sometimes if you multitask. Chrome browser developers should come up with a solution to fix this problem. This problem is arising because the chrome browser uses its own inbuilt plugins and services that continuously run with the main browser thread even if they are not required. These plugins make high CPU and memory usage. You can follow this tutorial to fix this problem.

High Processor Usage In Chrome For Mac OSX

How To Fix High CPU/Processor Usage In Chrome For Mac

  • Go to 'Chrome>Preferences>Extensions'. Disable any unused extensions to stop them running from background.
  • Now click 'Show Advanced Settings'. Click 'Content Settings'. In Plug-ins select 'Click to play'. If this option is enabled then plugins will be paused before loading. To activate you have to click it.
  • Now enter 'Chrome://plugins' in address bar. It will take you to plugins page. Here you can disable individual plugins like JAVA plugin, adobe flash plugin, adobe reader and others.
  • Now after disabling plugins and extensions again check processor usage in 'Activity Monitor'.
  • You may need to restart your MAC for changes to take effect.

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