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How To Properly Uninstall Intel HD Graphics Driver On Notebooks

Intel HD Graphics are the integrated graphics in Intel core processors. Besides having the dedicated graphics processor(GPU) the Intel HD graphics is the primary display adapter. You can’t use the dedicated GPU as your notebook’s primary display adapter because it is not meant for this purpose. While uninstalling the Intel HD graphics driver 3000, 4000, 4200, 4400 and 5000 the notebook’s screen turns off and you don’t see anything. So it is difficult to know whether the driver has been completely uninstalled or not so that you can restart your notebook. But this can be easily solved by following the steps given below.

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  • Go to Control Panel and uninstall the Intel HD graphics driver.
  • When you click ‘Next’ the notebook screen will automatically turn off however the notebook is still powered on and the driver is uninstalling.
  • Now check the hard drive indicator on your notebook. It is a tiny green light that blinks fast when the hard drive performs read write operations.
  • This tiny hard drive indicator light will keep blinking fast while the driver uninstalls.
  • When the light stops blinking it means the Intel HD graphics driver has been uninstalled.
  • Now its time to restart your notebook to let the changes take effect.
  • Since you are not seeing anything on the notebook’s screen, simply press ‘Tab’ two times and hit ‘Enter’ to restart the notebook pc.
  • Install the newer version of the driver if available.

Note: If the laptop’s screen turns off then do not panic and do not turn off the laptop/notebook by unnecessary means like removing the battery. Because the uninstallation process will abort and you will lose your data. If you do this you may end up with a screen with no video signal.

The Intel HD graphics driver needs to be removed first if you are installing a newer version of the display driver.  I tried a newer version of Intel HD graphics driver that is, but it is giving me colour flickering and screen flickering problems that is the brightness and contrast of the notebook’s screen automatically increases for a short time after the screen saver is aborted, then the screen comes to its original settings. So this is the right way to uninstall Intel HD Graphics driver even when the screen turns off.

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