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Reasons To Buy Moto G Android Smartphone

Motorola Moto G is the cheapest android smartphone that can be upgraded to android 4.4.2 kitkat OS. This phone was first launched in the United States (USA) in November 2013 with no contract for the 8 GB model. Moto G is launched with a tagline ‘exceptional phone exceptional price’. The words are right said for the Moto G because it is such an exceptional phone with an exceptional price. Moto G is the cheapest android smartphone that runs on android 4.3 jellybean out of the box and can be upgraded to android 4.4.2 kitkat.

Moto G has exceptional features that can’t be found in other android smartphones of brands like Samsung. Samsung is known to make android smartphones in every price range that is low, mid and high. But Samsung has no smartphone till date that runs on android 4.3 jellybean and can be upgraded to android 4.4.2 kitkat. Samsung’s mid range smartphones are just limited to android 4.2 jellybean only.

It is not bad to say that Moto G has similar specifications as of Galaxy S3 which is twice costlier than Moto G, and also Moto G’s performance is similar to Galaxy S3, but Galaxy S3 has a slightly better processor while Moto G has a slightly better GPU than S3.

After Motorola, LG has announced its L Series 3 smartphones that will run on android 4.4 kitkat. The LG L Series 3 includes 3 smartphones L90, L70 and L40. Only LG L90 has similar specs as Moto G. But LG L90 has an outdated screen resolution which is just qHD and is not as bright and sharp and do not have high ppi as Moto G. The only advantage of LG L90 over Moto G is that it has 2540 mAh battery which holds more juice(charge) than Moto G’s non removable lithium ion battery. Moreover the LG L90 price will be either similar to or higher than Motorola Moto G. But Moto G still holds the ground when it comes to buy an android smartphone with exceptional features having exceptional price.

Now I am going to tell you why buying a Moto G is a wise decision if this is your first android smartphone or you already coming from android background. So below are some reasons why to buy this phone.

Reasons To Buy Motorola Moto G

1. Price: Motorola Moto G is the cheapest phone running latest android OS that is android 4.4 kitkat, the 8 GB model is priced at only $200 dollars or 12499 INR. No other phones have android kitkat at this price range. Even Samsung has not launched any phone with kitkat OS in this price group ($200). So if you are low on budget($200) and want an android smartphone that runs on Google’s android kitkat 4.4 OS then this phone is for you. It runs the official kitkat OS with no customizations.

2. HD IPS Display: When you first put your hands on any phone, the first thing that you put your eyes on is its screen. Moto G has 4.5 inch HD IPS display with a resolution of 1280x720 and have 329ppi pixel density and 16M colors which is even higher than Galaxy S3. So Moto G has the sharpest and the brightest screen with IPS display and corning gorilla glass 3 protection. HD IPS display at 329ppi is eye catching. The big screen is best suited for reading ebooks and websites.

3. Quad Core CPU: Moto G has MSM8226 snapdragon 400 chipset with 1.2 GHz quad core cortex A7 CPU. Dual Core Snapdragon 400 is proved more powerful than other quad core processors. Moto G has a quad core processor which is enough to run multiple apps at the same time. Because of processor being very fast you can run all HD android games on this phone without lag and hanging the phone. A listed of games tested on Moto G is given below.

  • Asphalt 7
  • Asphalt 8
  • Dead Space
  • Modern Combat 4
  • GTA 3
  • GTA Sanandreas
  • GTA Vice City
  • Gangstar 4 Rio
  • NFS Most Wanted
  • Street Fighter IV HD
  • Sim City
  • Playstation 1 Games on Moto G via FPSE. You can the tutorial here.
  • MAME Games on Moto G. Check tutorial here.
  • NeoGeo Games. Check this tutorial.
  • Virtual Tennis
  • CSR Racing 2
  • Sonic 4 Episode 1&2
  • Puddle HD

4. GPU: Moto G has Adreno 305 GPU single core clocked at 450MHz which is slightly powerful than MALI 400MP. You can play all android games on it. As I have mentioned the list of games that I have tested on Moto G. Even graphics intensive games like Modern Combat 4 runs smoothly on Moto G.

5. RAM/Memory: Well Moto G has 1GB RAM which is enough to run all the android apps that you like. More RAM means faster performance without lags. 1GB RAM coupled with snapdragon 400 processor means no performance bottlenecks in this phone.

6. Battery: This smartphone has 2070 mAh battery which can give 24 hours backup with normal usage and it fully supports USB OTG with which you can connect pen drives, flash drives, mouse and keyboard to your Moto G via OTG cable. You can check the USB OTG tutorial.

7. Notification Light: The presence of notification light makes it easier to get notification alerts when the screen is off. Moto G has a notification light that blinks every time you receive a call, message and whatsapp notification. With the presence of this notification light you won’t miss any notification(call, sms or whatsapp notification).

8. Camera: This phone has 5 MP rear HDR camera with LED flash which can record 720p HD videos at 30 fps. The front camera is 1.3 MP. Camera features include 4x Digital Zoom, slow motion video, burst mode, auto HDR, panorama and touch to focus

9. Dual Sim: Moto G is dual sim enabled which is a common feature found in most smartphones today.

10. Internal Storage: Moto G comes in two variants 8GB and 16GB. So you can buy this phone according to your storage requirements. The 8GB model has upto 5GB space that is user accessible while the 16GB model may have upto 12GB space that is user accessible. It doesn’t have a sdcard slot so the storage is not expandable, that may disappoint you. But don’t worry, Moto G is blessed with USB OTG feature so you can directly connect pen drives, flash drives to it and for more convenience you can use Transcend Jet Flash 510 or Jet Flash 380 USB OTG flash drive for android.

11. Motorola Migrate: Motorola Migrate can easily move your iPhone or Android stuff to your new Moto G. And, it only takes a few steps.

12. Sensors: Moto G has sensors like Magnetometer, Proximity Sensor, Hall Effect Sensor, Ambient Light Sensor, and Accelerometer. It doesn't have barometer, temperature sensor and gyro sensor which is useful in some android games, but there is no need as all games will run perfectly.

Moto G Accessories

Moto G supports following accessories.

  • Power Pack Slim : The power pack slim for Moto G is an external power bank that comes in two variants 2000mAh and 4000mAh. It’s a portable battery power bank that can be used to charge the battery when its low.

4000mAh power bank for moto g

  • Interchangeable Back Panels : Moto G have 7 interchangeable colored back panels that make you feel that you are using a new phone everytime you change them.

colored back panels for moto g

  • Motorola Grip Shells : Motorola Grip Shells feature a rubberized frame for extra grip and protection against impact. Smooth curves make your Moto G feel extra comfortable.

  • SOL REPUBLIC JAX Headphones : These are for vivid and clear sound, best suited for FM music and match the color of your Moto G.
  • JBL Micro Wireless Speaker : Streams awesome audio directly from your Moto G.

Motorola Moto G Benchmarks
AnTuTu v4.0
NenaMark 2
Moto G
58 fps
Xperia M
64.0 fps
Galaxy Core
33.2 fps

All the above android smartphones have similar prices and you can see that Galaxy Core has worst benchmark scores and its price is same as of Moto G. So no matter Moto G is the best android 4.4.2 Kitkat smartphone in $200 dollars.

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  1. Did you update moto g to 4.4 kitkat?
    If yes, then all the games are playable after updated.
    Cause I found somewhere that modern combat 4 is giving error after update.
    Please tell me.
    I request u..

    1. What error are you getting. Well this error is not related to the phone, it is related to android 4.4 kitkat. You should contact the developers of modern combat 4, they will fix it in next update.

      But try reinstalling the game with fresh game data, the old data may be giving errors on new updated moto g.

  2. Replies
    1. No I didn't update. When stable release of android 4.4 kitkat for moto g will come then it would be wise decision to update.