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How To Play DOS Games On Windows 7

Older DOS games very popular during our childhood days. At that time no 3D games were present and we used to play these DOS games only. These DOS games are more than 25 years old and can’t be run on newer windows operating systems like Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 64 bit OS. But with DOS BOX it is absolutely possible to play these old DOS games on Windows 7/8 and Windows 8.1. In this tutorial I will teach you how to install and setup DosBox on Microsoft Windows 7 or Winodws8/8.1. I will teach you to play some of the most popular DOS games till date like Dangerous Dave, Mario old DOS game, Prince DOS Game and Lion King Dos Game on your Windows 8 notebook, laptop or pc. Also I will teach you how to use dosbox on windows 7.

Play DOS Games On Windows 7 And Windows 8/8.1

  • Download and install DosBox from this link. DosBox is a dos emulator windows 7.
  • Download dangerous dave windows 64 bit from this link.
  • Make a folder directory in ‘D’ drive as ‘D:\Games’.
  • Extract the dangerous dave zip file in the above folder. You will see two files one is a dat file and other is the dave.exe game file.
  • Now open DosBox from the shortcut on desktop. When you first open Dosbox you will see a ‘Z:\’ drive which doesn’t exist on your pc, laptop. Our goal is to make this Z drive ‘C:\’ that will point to ‘D:\Games’ to run our old DOS games on windows 8 and windows 8.1.
  • Type the command below in DosBox.
mount C: D:\Games

  • Now you have mounted the drive C:\.

  • Now type C: and hit enter.

  • Now type ‘DAVE.exe’ without quotes and start playing dangerous dave on your windows 8 laptop or pc.
dangerous dave windows 7 64 bit

To Play Other Old DOS Games

  • If you want to play other dos games like Mario, lion king, Aladdin and prince then first download them all from this website.
  • Extract this all games in ‘D:\Games’. Make sure that you make separate folder for each game.
  • Now to play these games one by one first mount the C: drive as I taught you above. 
  • Then after you see C:\ drive type this command ‘cd Mario’ and hit enter.
  • Then again type ‘MARIO.exe’. The game will run. Here ‘cd’ means ‘change directory’. To play other games repeat this procedure by using ‘cd’ command.
mario dos windows 64 bit

Folder Name Error
While using cd command you will get an error if the game’s folder name is longer then 8 characters and contain spaces. See the image below.

To solve this problem either rename the folder to a shorter name without spaces or use the tab key in DosBox. Pressing the tab key while using cd command in dosbox will automatically shorten the name of the folder which is more than 8 characters long and have spaces. For example I want to change the directory to ‘Lion King’ folder whose name is more than 8 characters and have one space. So I will do this by pressing tab key as follows.

After mounting is done, type cd and press tab key several times until you see a string like this ‘LIONKI~1’ and press enter. The directory will change to lion king folder. To play the game type ‘LIONKING.exe’ and hit enter.

Have you noted that the ‘LIONKI~1’ contains exactly 8 characters. So you can also manually shorten folder name while using cd command. If the folder name is more than 8 characters then in cd command type the first 6 characters of the folder name without spaces followed by ~1. It will point to original directory.

Automatic Drive Mount
There is problem in DosBox that every time you open it for playing dos games you have to mount the C: drive as I told you above. So this process is time consuming. But there is an option through which dosbox will automatically mount C: drive every time you open it, we can do it by changing the dosbox configure file.

To access the configure file follow the steps below.

  • First open ‘My Computer’ and click ‘Organize’ on top left and click ‘Folder and search options’.
  • The Folder Options dialog box will open. Click the ‘View’ tab and select ‘Show hidden files, folder and drives’. Then click OK.
  • Now go to this directory “C:\Users\Your_PC_Name\AppData\Local\DOSBox” . You will find the dosbox configure file in here as ’dosbox-0.74’ CONF file.
  • Right click on it and choose Open and select ‘Notepad’.
  • The file will open. Move to the end of the file, you will see [autoexec].
  • Below [autoexec] type the following commands one by one.
mount C: D:\Games

  • Save the config file by pressing ‘ctrl+s’.
  • Now ever time you open dosbox drive C:\ will be automatically mounted.

Automatic DOS Game Launching In DosBox
If you want DosBox to automatically open your favorite game when you open it then you have to change the configure file. But only one game can be launched at a time. First of all access the configure file and open it with notepad as I tought you above. Now below the mounting commands type these following commands.

Now save the configure file. When you open dosbox the dangerous dave game will automatically open. If you want to play other games automatically then delete the ‘DAVE.exe’ command and type the following commands to play the Mario dos game.

cd Mario

Commands Explanation : The cd Mario commands tells the DosBox to change the directory to Mario folder. The MARIO.exe commands tell DosBox to launch the game stored in Mario folder and is done automatically.

If you do not want to launch game automatically then delete the game launch commands and save the configure file and enjoy playing DOS games on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

Lion King Dos Game On Windows 7

lion king dos game on windows 8

Prince Dos Game On Windows 7

prince dos game on windows 7/8

Play Dos Games In Full Screen On Windows 7
To any time play any dos game on dosbox in full screen press 'alt+enter'. To exit from fullscreen press 'alt+enter' again.

Now you have learnt to use the dosbox on windows 7. To see how to setup dosbox on android check this tutorial.

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