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Get Email Notifications On Gmail For Android When Email Arrives

Users of gmail for android always complain that they do not receive email notifications in the status bar when email arrives in gmail. To check for new emails they have to refresh it every time new email arrives. The gmail for android has a sync feature which is known as ‘Auto sync’ which can be found in ‘Account and sync’ settings in android 2.3 gingerbread. Under ‘Account and sync’ settings there is another option called ‘Background data’ which allows android apps to sync and run in background. The background data option is unavailable in android 4.1 jellybean and android 4.4 kitkat, because the apps automatically sync and run in background.

If your android phone is running on jellybean or android 4.4 kitkat then there is no need to worry about, because gmail will automatically show you email notifications when email arrives and you don’t have to refresh it again and again. But if your phone is running android 2.3 gingerbread then you have to enable background data and auto sync feature so that you can receive email notifications whenever email arrives in gmail app.

Enable Email Notifications On Gmail For Android When Email Arrives.

  • Enable data connection on your phone by going to ‘Settings>Wireless and networks>Mobile networks>Use packet data’.
  • Now go to ‘Settings>Accounts and sync’.
  • Enable ‘Background data’ and ‘Auto-sync’ feature.
  • Now click on your google account with black google icon.
  • In Data and synchronization settings make a check mark in ‘Sync Gmail’ option, you may uncheck rest of the options.

  • Now every time email arrives on gmail for android you will get a notification in the status bar.
gmail android automatic email notifications

Note : When the background data is enabled then the phone’s battery will quickly get exhausted, because all apps will run in background. So to save battery life you should use the email app for android and setup gmail account on it and disable background data, because the email app will not use background data.

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