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How To Resolve Google Play Store Error 927 On Android

Google Play Store sometimes updates itself in the background on android phones. During this time, no app can be downloaded from play store. If you keep downloading the apps during the upgrade process then google play store will return an error 927. This error 927 corresponds to the problem that apps can't be downloaded due to some problems encountered by the play store app. When error 927 appears on your android phone during downloading apps from play store then your downloaded apps will not be installed and your mobile data will be wasted. In this tutorial, I will teach you how to resolve Google play store error 927.

google play store error 927

Resolve Google Play Store Error 927

1. Clear App Cache: Error 927 sometimes appear due to no space left for storing cache on your android phone.You have to clear the old cache to let the app store new cache. To clear the cache follow the steps below.

Clear App Cache On Android 2.3 Gingerbread : To clear Google play store app cache on android 2.3 gingerbread, go to 'Settings>Applications>Manage applications>Google Play Store>Clear data & Clear cache'. Also goto 'Settings>Applications>Manage applications>Google Play Services>Clear data & Clear cache'.

clear cache of google play store app

Clear App Cache On Android 4.1/Android 4.2/Android 4.3 Jellybean:  To clear Google play store app cache on android jellybean go to 'Settings>Device>Application manager>Google Play Store>Clear data & Clear cache'. Also goto 'Settings>Device>Application manager>Google Play Services>Clear data & Clear cache'.

To clean entire cache stored on your phone download android assistant apk here.This app will clean all the cache stored on your phone.Install this app and open it.Click "System Clean" on below right and then again click "Clean Selected". Now go back to the main menu and click "Tools" on the tops right.Now select "Cache Cleaner".Now click "Clean All".

2. Update The Google Play Store App: Update the Google play store app to its latest version to avoid error 927. The play store update is automatically downloaded on your android but there is no guarantee whether the update downloads itself. So I recommend you to download the latest play store apk from our Google Play App Archives and install it manually to quickly fix the error 927. You can download the apk from archives below, only download the app with '[Latest]' tag.

Google Play Store App APK Archives

3. No Space Left On Phone: Your phone should have adequate space left to download and install apps from Google play, otherwise due to lack of storage space they won't be installed. So free enough space on your phone.

4. Solving The Low Storage Problem

You will start getting error 927 in play store when your android phone's storage becomes 200 MB. However, in this much of space, you can install few more apps, but this space is reserved by android for other android apps, so the play store app would not download any apps. There is only one solution that you download android apps apk and sideload them on your android phone. Just download the apk and install it on your phone, you will not any error.

If your phone is running short of internal storage then either free up space or buy a new android phone with at least 16 GB of internal storage. If you are an experienced user then you may root your phone to increase internal storage.

After following above tips the Google play store error 927 will be resolved. If you ever face it again then re-apply these tips.

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  1. Thanks a lot! I did try a lot, and finally your instruction made my day!

  2. Thanks A Ton Dude....You rock....!!!

  3. but i by mistake deleted the google play services app. now i find dificult to downmoad apps and instLL IT. EVEN THOUGH I DOWNLOAD GOOGLE PLAY SERVICES IT ISNOT INSTALLING SAYS" INCOMPATIBLE WITH OTHER APPS SHARING SAME...." CAN YOU RESOLVE THIS ISSUE FOR ME ?

    1. No matter, if you delete the play services then it will come back itself. However you can download the apk from apkmirror according to your phone's android version.

  4. it didn't work, no i get "connection timed out" message

    1. you are on a slow connection. That's why it doesn't work for you..

  5. @ Abhishek

    How to fix "error 927" Android phone.


  6. android error rpc:s-7:aec-7 q4s7-7j7b-j5hyj keeps popping up after doing this process. I don't know how to fix it and I can't get the OS to update either. can anyone help?!

  7. Thank you so much for posting these instructions! You are a lifesaver! :D

  8. Pleasant blog I like this post i am searching for such data long time and at last i got it from this post, Thanks for sharing this.