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How To Break Pattern Lock On Samsung Android Phones Without Factory Reset

Android smart phones comes with built in various lock screens that protect your android phone from unauthorized access. Some of the most popular lock screen include the pattern lock, the number lock, the face lock and the password lock. But pattern lock is widely used which is moderately difficult to break it.The only way to break the pattern lock is to factory reset the android phone in android system recovery mode by wiping the phone. But in this tutorial I will teach you to break the pattern lock on android without factory resetting the phone if you are using a Samsung android phone. This method will save your data because you don't need to wipe your phone and you still be able to break the pattern lock.

pattern lock on android

This tutorial works only with Samsung android smartphones. We will use Samsung-Dive to break the pattern lock on your Samsung smartphone. Samsung-Dive is a remote control service that helps you to locate and track your lost or stolen Samsung android phone. You will need a Samsung account to use Samsung-Dive.

Important Points
  • This tutorial will only work with Samsung android phones that have a valid Samsung account associated with them.
  • If data connection remains always off on your phone then Samsung-Dive will not work. To break the pattern lock remotely your phone should have a working data connection.
  • This tutorial is not limited to pattern lock and with this you can break any kind of android lock-screen including the face lock, number lock, and password lock.
  • If at present you don't require this tutorial then read it carefully because it will prove helpful in future, the day when you accidently forget your lock-screen pattern or password.
  • This tutorial will work for both samsung android smartphones and tablets (both wi-fi and 3G versions).
  • Background data should be enabled on Samsung smartphones running android 2.3 or earlier.

Break Pattern Lock On Samsung Android Phones Without Factory Reset

  • First of all sign up for a Samsung account. You can see how you can sign up here.
  • After setting up Samsung account on your android phone goto
  • Login with your email and password.
  • Your phone will be visible here. A green dot indicates that your phone is online and is ready to accept remote commands.
  • The Samsung-Dive remote control page will open. Select 'Unlock my screen' and click 'Unlock'.
  • Samsung-Dive will send an unlock command to your android phone via network and the pattern lock will be removed and will automatically be reset to swipe lock.

break pattern lock android

  • Now you can choose a different lock-screen for your phone.
You have successfully broke the pattern lock on your Samsung android phone without factory reset.

If Samsung Dive Doesn't Work

If you haven't set up Samsung account on your phone then Samsung Dive will not work. There is only one way left to hard reset the phone in recovery mode. Do as follows.
  • Switch off the phone.
  • Reboot in recovery mode by pressing 'Home', 'Volume up' and 'Power' button at the same time. Release the buttons when phone vibrates.
  • Now move down by Volume down key and select 'Wipe Cache Partition'. Then go back to main menu.
  • Then select 'Wipe data/Factory reset'
  • This will remove the pattern lock. Also there is some chance that you would not lose any data stored on the internal phone's storage if your phone is running on android 2.3 gingerbread if you first 'Wipe cache partition' before 'Factory reset'.

Warning: If you are going to hard reset the phone then make sure that you know the details of the Google account being used and synced on your phone. Do not hard reset if you don't know the password of your Google account. Because if you hard reset your Samsung phone then 'Factory Reset Protection' will be automatically activated on your phone. After that you will not be able to login in to your phone for 24 hours. You can only unlock the phone with the previously synced Google account. Read more about 'Factory Reset Protection'.

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  1. sorry dear friend but i have 1 quisten if our mobile is lock by pattern lock so how can we go to setting>secuirty>remote .......... because our mobile is lock we not going to any movement on our device
    now how to remove pattern lock with this software?

    1. You should have first setup remote controls before it is pattern locked. Otherwise you can't open it. But you can factory reset your phone to delete the pattern lock, which will wipe your phone and you will lost all data stored on your phone.

    2. I tried that hard resetting but aftr pressing tht 3 buttons together it shows only white screen what should i do?

    3. Use Samsung Kies to repair your phone.

  2. Hi, I hv Samsung GT-S7562 with broken screen tried hard reset but unable to do as i have to unlock the screen to transfer data to laptop.
    pl suugest

    1. Does your phone support USB OTG. If yes then use a usb mouse to unlock the phone. Use left click to draw the unlock pattern.

  3. I hv GT7582 and i forget the lock and i do not remember the gmail id and password... i use that phone very rarely... thats y i donot rember the password kindly help me

    1. Read the article carefully especially the section "If Samsung Dive Doesn't Work" above.

  4. brother please help meee.
    my samsung galaxy s duos 3 locked pattern.
    its data, usb debugging all are off as i cant access my phone how to unlock it.
    another question what does twrp??? means what does it doo will it help me.......

    1. Hello, factory reset your phone in recovery mode. Switch it off first then press power+home+volume up button at the same time. Here you will see 'Wipe data/Factory reset'. Use volume buttons to move up and down and use home button to select an option.

      FRP has nothing to do with s duos 3 and twrp is custom recovery for android phone.

  5. Hi,
    I have samsung J7 updted to version 6.0.1
    I forgot my pattern too..just 1 hr back. Ya, i was laughing and confused too. I could open my mobile by backup pin tht i remembered. Still everytime unlockig in tht way would be very annoying. So i thought to follow procedure of samsung dive by visiting site and followed procedures as u said. Finally i did it. Thank uuuuu so much. I dnt hv to go through factory data reset procedures. Thabks again. :)

    1. Thanks so much. I am glad to know that it worked for you. Don't forget to subscribe and follow us.