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Connectify : Turn Any Windows Laptop Into A WiFi Hotspot

Every windows laptop comes with inbuilt wifi which is used to access wireless internet in your local area through wifi connection.If you have your own wireless network or ADSL LAN then you can turn your laptop into a portable wifi hotspot.A wifi hotspot can provide wireless internet access to near by device that support wifi networks.These devices can be smart phones,PDA's or other windows laptops or macbooks.In this tutorial I will teach you how you can convert your windows laptop into a wifi hotspot.

What Types Of Networks Can Be Used

  • 2G/GPRS usb tethered via smart phones on windows laptop.
  • 3G and 4G usb tethered via smart phones on windows laptop.
  • Broadband/LAN
  • WiFi
  • Almost any kind of wireless or wired network to which your laptop is connected.

Turn Any Windows Laptop Into A WiFi Hotspot Via Connectify

Connectify is a software for windows which converts any kind of wireless or wired network used by your laptop into a wifi hotspot.

  • Download and install connectify from here.
  • Now open connectify.It will open in the right side of the screen.
  • Now enable the wifi of your laptop.
  • In 'Hotspot Name' enter the desire name for wifi hotspot.Then enter the required password.
  • In 'Internet' option choose 'Automatic'.
  • In 'Advanced' settings under "Wi-Fi' option choose 'Wireless Network Connection'.
  • In 'Security Mode' choose 'Access Point,WPA2-PSK'.


  • Then click 'Start Hotspot'.At this time your laptop's wifi should be ON otherwise you will get an error configuring hotspot 'CF008002'.
  • When the network is configured the 'Clients' tab will automatically open which will show you the details of users currently connected and using your laptop's wifi via hotspot.

Now you have successfully turned your windows laptop into a wifi hotspot.Now you can connect any smart phone,tablet or a macbook to that hotspot and use wireless internet via wifi.

Connect An Android Smartphone To Windows Laptop Hotspot

  • Now your laptop hotspot is running.So on an android smartphone goto wifi settings and scan for wifi networks.
  • After scanning the laptop's network will be visible in your android phone.Click on that to connect and enter the password which you entered during connectify setup above.

android wifi hotspot

  • Now you can access high speed wireless internet on your smart phone.
  • This tutorial applies to all smartphones,tablets or macbooks.
  • You can turn your android smartphone into a wifi hotspot and can use its network on a laptop.See it here.

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