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UC Browser HD : Best Browser For Android Tablet

UC Web Inc provides two types of web browsers for android.One of the two types is UC browser 9.0 which is for android smart phones and other one is UC browser HD which is for android tablets,phablets and smart phones having a big screen with HD resolution.UC browser HD is the best browser for any android tablet for a number of reasons that I tell you along with UC browser HD tips and  tricks.

uc browser hd

There are many browsers available for android tablets like Google chrome,Firefox.But these are for advanced users,most android tablet users find them difficult to use but UC browser HD is for both novice and advanced android users.Following are some reasons that make UC browser HD the best browser for android tablet.You can download UC browser HD here.

Why UC Browser HD Is Best For Android Tablets

1.For Android Tablets Only : UC browser HD is specially designed for android tablets while keeping in mind their big HD screens.Other versions of UC browser can be used on android tablet but due to larger resolutions you will see blurry web pages which sometimes becomes a problem.But UC browser HD gives you HD internet browsing experience and web pages and images are very sharp and clear.

2.Adobe Flash Plugin Support : UC browser HD fully supports the adobe flash player plugin installed on your android tablet.No other browser except Mozilla firefox supports this plugin.You can see this tutorial to install flash plugin on your tablet.

3.High Speed Downloads : UC browser HD is fully compatible with high speed networks like 3G or 4G.You can download files at very fast speeds without network link breakage.All you need is a high speed data network.

4.Inbuilt QR Code Scanner : It has an inbuilt qr code scanner functions in which you can scan or read qr codes.The qr code can be scanned in 2 ways.You can use your camera to scan qr codes or use the web page scanner to scan qr code images on web pages.You will learn about it in tips and tricks section below.

5.It Has An Exit Button : UC browser HD has an exit button which closes the app when it is not in use while other browsers like google chrome for android doesn’t have an exit button and they keeps running in background and wastes RAM.

UC Browser HD Tips And Tricks

1.Use Shortcut Widget : A shortcut widget is small umbrella present on the right side of the screen in UC browser HD.In this shortcut widget you can find shortcuts like close a tab,refresh a page,go back,move up/down on a web page.Also you can add shortcuts of your choice from a list.To open this list just long press the umbrella icon and put a check mark on those shortcuts which you want to include in this widget.Only six shortcuts are allowed.You can also drag and drop it anywhere,just long press and move it any where.

2.Enable Night Mode : Night mode on UC browser HD turns the screen completely black so that you can browse even in dark room with no light.Night mode saves our eyes from excessive light coming from tablet’s  screen.To enable night mode click the options button next to search icon on top right and click ‘Night Mode’, see the pic above.

3. Enable Incognito Browsing : In incognito browsing no history is recorded.So you don’t need to bother about clearing your browsing history.To enable incognito browsing click the options button and choose ‘Incognito Browsing’.

4.Enable Text Only Mode : The text only mode is useful on very slow data networks and you are just browsing for reading purpose.Text only mode will make web page loading a little faster as it will not load any images or other media.To enable it click the options button and click ‘Text-Only’.

5.Scan QR Codes : In UC browser HD you can scan or read qr codes.To scan qr codes you click the tiny qr code in the address bar and choose from the two options ‘camera scan’ or ‘web page scan’.See the image below.

In camera scan the tablet’s camera will scan the qr code while in web page scan the qr codes that are present on a web page will be scanned.In web page scan you will see a white box with 4 green edges.This white box is the web page qr code scanner.Place this white box on any qr code present on a web page in UC browser HD and it will be decoded immediately showing you the info in green.Just click the info in green and it will open in new tab.The size of this white box can be increased or decreased by pinch zooming.See the image below.

6.See All Recently Closed Tabs : To see all the recently closed tabs click the garbage bin icon on top left.It will show you all the list of websites that were open in different tabs and are now closed.

7.Add Favourite Websites To Speed Dial : To add your favourite websites to speed dial just press the big plus sign on home screen and add the address and title of that website and click OK.To add a speed dial of a website which is opened in the address bar, just click the plus sign in ‘Address bar’ and click ‘Add to speed dial’.You can customize UC browser HD home screen by adding websites of your choice.

add speed dial

8.View History : To view web browsing history on UC browser HD just click the ‘Star’ icon next to the ‘Hone’ icon.Then click the ‘History’ tab.All browsing history can be seen here.

see history

9.Delete Private Data : Deleting private data will delete browsing history,cookies,saved passwords and cache on UC browser HD.To delete private data click the options button and click ‘Settings’.Under ‘Basic Settings’ click ‘Clear Data’.

clear private data

10.Open Links In Incognito Tab : If you are not using incognito browsing and want that history should not be recorded for some hyper links that you visit.This can be done by opening that particular links in incognito tab so that their browsing info will not be recorded.To open links in incognito just long press a link and click ‘Open In Incognito Tab’.

open links in incognito tab

That was a complete tutorial for UC browser HD for android tablets.If you liked the article take 2 minutes to share it.

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