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How To Edit Subtitles Of Any Movie/Video File

Every media player uses a file which is used to display subtitle on the screen while the movie plays.This subtitle file is an SRT file.SRT stands for SubRip Text which is a small file that contains plain text as subtitles that are displayed on the screen when the actors in movie speaks.In this tutorial you will learn how to edit subtitles of any movie.

Why To Edit Subtitles Of Movie
Editing subtitles of movie would be beneficial if you are adding your custom subtitles to movie's srt file.Also you can add subtitles in your own language.For example if you are watching an English movie then you can put any language subtitles in it like russian,spanish,german etc by editing the subtitle srt file.Having subtitles in your language will help you to understand the movie.

How To Edit The Subtitles Of Movie/Video Files
To edit the subtitles of movies you should have any movie file with a subtitle srt file and a media player like media player classics or windows media player 11.

  • If you do not have the subtitles for a particular movie then you can download the srt file from go to this site and search for your favourite movies subtitles.
  • For a single movie you will find many srt files here,so you need to choose the best one which best syncs with words spoken by the actors in the movies.
  • Now rename the movie and the subtitle srt file with a same name.For example if your movie name is avatar then srt file name should be avatar.
  • Now open the srt file with notepad or microsoft word.Just right click on the srt file and click "open with" then choose notepad or microsoft word.
Before you edit the subtitles you need to understand the basic format of a srt file.Each subtitle has four attributes which are Subtitle number,Start time/End time,Text of subtitle,Blank line.The subtitle number is a natural number like 1,2,3 etc.Start/End time is time period during which the subtitle will appear on screen.The text is the subtitle itself and blank line is a separator.See the image below.

  • Now you have to do only one thing that you have to edit the subtitle and put your favorite texts in place of original ones.
  • In case you want to translate the subtitles in other language the use google translate.Copy the original subtitle from the file then translate it with google translate in your desired language.After translation paste that subtitle in the srt file and save it.
  • Now open the movie and you will see the customized subtitles in your movie.Below is the example of translated subtitles which are customized by editing the srt file.

In the above images you can see the english subtitle in the first pic and the translated french subtitle in the second image.Now you can easily edit the srt file of any movie or video.If you like the article please take few seconds to share it. 

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