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Edit Photos And Images With Photoscape Free Image Editor For Windows

Editing your favorite photos adds a charm to them.There are many softwares available for image editing like adobe photoshop,picasa,pixart for android etc.Adobe photoshop is most famous among the image editing softwares due to its widespread use by professionals.But if you are not a professional at editing your favourite photos and don’t know how to work on adobe photoshop then photoscape is best image editing software for you.Photoscape is easy to use and doesn’t require you to be a professional.In this tutorial I will tell you that how you can edit images by using photoscape for windows.

Download photoscape for windows Here

Edit Images With Photoscape Image Editor
In this tutorial I will tell you about important features of photoscape only because it is not possible to explain the whole software within a single blog post.Photoscape doesn’t require you to be a professional and you can easily perform experiments with your favourite photos by using the photoscape image editor.In this post I will only teach you about image editing,watermarking,image cropping,image resize and hiding secret information in images and photos.

Edit Image

  • Download and install photoscape for windows from above link and open it and click “Editor”.
  • Browser to favorite photos by using the file explorer given in the photoscape.Just click on the folder in file explorer and photos will be visible on left container.Just click on any image to load it in the editor.
  • Now you will access all the image editing tools after loading the image.
  • The tools are divided in four categories i.e “Home”,”Object”,”Crop” and “Tools”.
  • The Home tab contains tools that can enhance the image brightness,contrast,backlight,resizing options,image rotation,filter and sharpen.

  • The “Filter” tab contains pre defined image effects that can change your image visually to look great as an antique photo,film effect and many more.
  • The Object tab contains shape tools in which you can draw many shapes on your image canvas like circle,square,pentagon,straight line or arrow,speech bubble,rich text on image,an image on your image and symbols.

  • The Crop tab contains cropping tools which allows you to crop your favorite photos in many different sizes also you can crop your photos in a round shape.

  • The Tools tab contains the tools like red eye removal,mosaic,clone stamp,mole removal,paint and effect brush.

  • At any time to undo all changes to your image just click “Undo All” button to revert back to your original image.

Image Watermarking

  • Image watermarking is required if you want to show your possession on images that you are the owner of that photos.
  • There are two ways of watermarking your images.First one is by text and other one is by image.
  • Simply load your photo in photoscape and click the “Object” tab.Under it click the “T” icon.A popup box will open.Now enter your favorite text here to be used as a text watermark for your image.You can control the opacity,text font and its size by the options given to you.Click ok when you ready.
  • Drag the text on your image and place it where you want.
  • Now click the green image icon and select photo and choose your favorite photo to be used as a watermark.Also you can control the image opacity and its size.Also drag and drop the image wherever you want.
  • Now your images have been watermarked.

Image Cropping

  • You can crop your images in any size you want.Just click the Crop tab or choose a size from the drop down list or crop freely.
  • Click the check box below to crop a round image.

Image Resize

  • Click the Home tab and click the “Resize” button.
  • Here you can resize your images and also you can enter your own sizes.Just uncheck the “Preserve aspect ratio” and enter your desired image size in both boxes and click OK.

Hiding Information In Images
  • You can hide your personal information in your photos by using photoscape.
  • Just click the Tools tab in photoscape and clicl “Mosaic”.
  • You can choose any option to hide information in images.
  • After selecting the option just draw a rectangle of desired size on that part of the image which you want to hide.
  • You can apply all these options one by one on the same part of that image.

Now you have easily learnt the basics of photoscape now go on editing your favourite images and photos.

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