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Download Whatsapp Messenger For Your Smartphone

Whatsapp is a messenger app with which you can send messages and share files with your friends. It is a very useful app with which you can send messages instantly over data network like 2G/3G or Wi-Fi. Whatsapp has got a nice concept in which you don’t need to add friends in your account manually. The friends that are using whatsapp and are present in your contacts lists will be automatically added to your whatsapp account. Then you can simply chat with them by selecting any contact. Whatsapp is free for first year of usage beyond this period you need to purchase it at just $0.99/year.


Benefits Of Using Whatsapp

  • It is a free messaging app for your smartphone. You can use it for free upto one year.
  • You can share audio, video and image files via whatsapp with your favourite contacts.
  • It uses the data connection of your phone to send messages.
  • You need to set up your account only once and never need to login.
  • Whenever you enable the data connection on your phone you will get whatsapp message notifications if someone has sent you messages.
  • It can be downloaded for android, iOS, nokia symbian, blackberry and windows phone.
  • Strangers can’t connect to you until they save your phone number in their phone book.
So you can see that whatsapp has great benefits and you can use it anywhere and anytime. Recently Whatsapp got a material design makeover with new icons and animations. You can download from the android apk link below.

Download Links

Whatsapp Tips And Tricks

1.Add New Contacts : To add new contacts in whatsapp just add the mobile number of that person in your phone book. Now open the app and click menu and select “New chat”. Now again click menu and click “Refresh”. The contact will be automatically added to your whatsapp account.

2.Set A Notification Ringtone : You should set a different ringtone for whatsapp so that you can distinguish between sms messages and whatsapp messages. To do this click menu>Settings>Notifications>Notification tone. Then select your notification tone which should be different from phone’s notifications.

3.See Network Usage : In network usage you can see the number of sent and received messages. To see network usage goto Settings>Account>Network usage.

4.Block Contacts : You can block contacts in your whatsapp account from whom you don’t want to receive any message or file.To do this goto Settings>Contacts and click “Blocked Contacts:None”. Then click the “+” icon on top right and choose the contact to block. Go back and choose other contacts to block if required. To unblock the contacts long touch the contact and choose “Unblock”.

5.Know About Unknown Persons By Their Mobile Phone Number : With whatsapp you can know about unknown persons by recognizing them by seeing their profile photo. As you know that majority of android users use whatsapp so you can easily know about a person by saving his/her number in your phonebook. Just add any mobile phone number in your contacts list and refresh your whatsapp friends list. If that phone number is associated with whatsapp then you can see hin/her in your whatsapp account. You can even recognize him/her by seeing her/his profile pic.

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