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How To Record Phone Calls On Android

In this tutorial you will learn how to record phone calls on android.To record calls on android we are using auto call recorder by appstar solutions.Auto Call Recorder automatically records all incoming and outgoing calls on your android phone and are saved on the memory card.This app is best for recording incoming and outgoing calls on your phone.

Features Of Auto Call Recorder

  • Automatically records all incoming and outgoing phone calls on your android phone while running in the background.
  • Can keep a list of 100 phone calls in the free version after the 100th call the older recording entries are replaced with new ones but older ones are stored in sdcard.
  • You can choose only which contacts to record and which contacts to ignore.
  • Can save your phone call recordings to DropBox account.
Auto Call Recorder Apk Download LINK

How To Record Phone Calls On Android Step By Step

  • Download and install auto call recorder from the above link.Make sure to check mark “Unknown sources” in Application settings to install the apk.
  • After installing it open it and click menu button and select “Settings”.Check “Start Call Recording”,if it is already checked then leave it.

  • Scroll down a little bit and click “File Type” and select “AMR”.

  • Then click “Audio Source” and select “Voice UpLink”.
  • Again scroll down and click “Inbox Size” and select “100”.Now you can record 100 calls within the app.It will record unlimited calls but only show 100 in it. 6.The free version of this app can show a list of 100 calls within it.The older entries are replaced by new call entries if it goes beyond 100.
  • All the call recordings are saved on sdcard>CallRecordings folder with recordings stored in date specific folder.This app creates a new folder everyday and name it on a year-month-date format.For example phone calls recorded on 15th of March in 2013 will be saved in “sdcard>CallRecordings>2013-03-15”.

To add the auto call recorder widget on homescreen click menu button of your android phone and click “Add” then select “Widgets” then scroll down and select “Auto Call Recorder”.It will be added to homescreen.

Contacts To Ignore
You can choose contacts which you do not want to record from your contacts list.The default mode is set to “Record all” calls.But if you do not want to record calls of some of the phone numbers in contacts then you can add them to ignore list,then this app will not record calls from that phone numbers.To create a ignore list

  • Goto Settings>Contacts to ignore.Click it.

  • Click menu button then select Add.Now choose the contacts from your contacts list.They will be added to ignore list.To add multiple contacts repeat this process of adding multiple times.
  • To delete a contact from the ignore list just click on it and select delete.
Default Recording Modes
You can find “Default Mode” in settings under “Contact Exceptions”.There are 3 default modes available.

  • Record all : This will record all the incoming and outgoing calls on your android phone.
  • Ignore contacts : Record all phone calls except the phone contacts.
  • Ignore all : Doesn’t record any call.
Contacts To Record
To record only specific calls from your contacts list you need to set the “Default Mode” to either “Ignore all” or “Ignore contacts”.To set the “Default Mode” to “Ignore contacts” or “Ignore all”.Then follow steps below.

  • Goto Setting>Default Mode>Ignore Contacts.
  • Now click “Contacts To Record”.Then click menu and select Add.Then choose the contact.To add multiple contacts repeat the step 2 multiple times.

Now phone calls from that contacts will only be recorded and all other calls will be ignored and go unrecorded.Now you can easily record phone calls on android.

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