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Hide Photos,Videos,SMS And Call Logs With Vault For Android

Hide Photos,Videos,SMS And Call Logs With Vault For Android Most android users always have a question about hiding their private data on their phone,but they don’t find a good solution always.Previously I wrote a post about applock which is used to lock android apps.Applock only locks your phone with a pattern lock or a number lock.Applock is suitable if you do not have much sensitive data stored on your phone like passwords,credit card details etc.

If  your android phone is home to a much sensitive data then you can use the Vault by netqin.Vault is an android app which encrypts your private secret data and puts it in a secret box.So the data can’t be seen and is no longer accessible  by intruders.The encrypted data will not be visible on your phone and the sd card.Hidden encrypted data can only be seen in the Vault.If your decrypt and restore the hidden data then it will return to its normal state and will be visible with other files on your android phone or its sd card.

How Does Vault Works
Vault for android simply encrypts the secret data like photos,videos,calls and sms,contacts into a binary file having an extension of .bin.The encrypted files are stored in “SystemAndroid>Data>NDk2NDZ=” folder directory.Files stored in this folder are encrypted binary files and can only be viewed in the Vault app.In the Data folder separate folders are created for different files for example encrypted images will be stored in "SystemAndroid>Data>NDk2NDZ>.image".The encrypted videos are stored in ".video" folder in the same directory and so on.Do not delete the "SystemAndroid" folder on android phone's sd card because it contains the encrypted files.If you delete this folder your all files will be lost.

How To Encrypt And Hide Files On Android With Vault
With Vault for android you can hide photos,videos,sms and call logs,private contacts,facebook messages and also you can store your encrypted data online in Vault cloud storage.First download and install Vault from google play store and set it up by following the on screen instructions.Assign a powerful password for Vault during setup.

1.Photos And Videos : To hide photos  open the Vault app and click “Photos”.All the photos stored on your android phone will show up here.You need click on the images which you want to encrypt and hide.After selecting the images click “Import”.The images will be encrypted and move to the vault secret box.Now the images will not show up in android gallery or anywhere in the phone or sdcard except the vault secret box.Click the plus sign on top right to add more photos in the vault box to hide.

To restore the photos click the menu button of your android phone and select “Manage Photos”.Then select all the photos which you want to restore and decrypt.Then click “Restore” and the photos will return to their original location.The procedure is same for encrypting and hiding your videos,also restoring is also the same.

2.SMS And Call Logs : To encrypt SMS and Call Logs click “SMS and Call Logs” in Vault.Click the plus sign on top right and select “Hide Phone Numbers” or “Hide Messages”.But in this you can only restore SMS and call logs one by one.When you hide a phone number it will not show in contacts list.If you hide a a call log it will not show up in Call Logs and if you hide a message it will not show in your phone’s inbox.To restore any message,contact or call log just click on any message,contact or call log and then click menu and then select “restore”.

3.Private Contacts : When you add a private contact to your Vault then any message and call record from that contact will be automatically imported into your Vault box and hidden from your phone’s SMS and call logs.If you lose your phone nobody will be able to see your messages or call logs.To add a Private Contact click “Private Contacts” and click the plus sign on top right and select your private contact to add.

4.Facebook Messages : Now you send encrypted messages on facebook with Vault.When you send encrypted message on facebook they didn’t appear in your facebook account so nobody can ever see them.You need to login in facebook through Vault to send encrypted messages.

5.Vault Online : You can backup your data to Vault Online,your private cloud storage space.Vault encrypts your data to help make sure you’re the only one who gets to see it.

Premium Features
Below are the premium features which you can get for just $2.99 per month.These premium features will enhance the security of your android phone.

  • Vault Online : You need a premium account to use this feature to encrypt and back up your private data.You will get 5 GB of free space if you upgrade to premium.
  • Expand Your Vault : Your basic Vault account allows you to import up to 100 messages.When your Vault is full,any new private messages won’t be hidden.Instead they will be visible in your phone’s SMS and call logs.If you upgrade to premium then you can encrypt upto 10,000+ messages.
  • Fake Vault : Concerned that someone will demand to see your Vault? Create a fake one or several fake ones.They will never know the difference.Each Vault you create will have a unique password.This feature is for maximum privacy protection.
  • Break-in Alerts : Want to see who’s trying to break into your private Vault?It will record any failed attempts to access your Vault and tell you about them.The premium feature catches your intruder in the act and actually snaps a photo of them if your android phone has a front facing camera and if it runs on android 2.3 or later.To try the break-in alerts goto vault home and click the “theif” icon on top right and select “Try It Out”.See the image below.

  • Stealth Mode : Make the Vault icon disappear from your phone’s Apps screen so no one knows it exists.To access it,simply dial ##your_password in the call dialer and press the call button.
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  1. Hello What if i copy the whole folder of system android and transfer to another android phone which has also vault application. Is it possible to open the file.

    1. I think No because the encrypted key would not match on the other android phone. But you can give it a try. New options are added with app updates.

    2. i've copied the whole system android folder from device storage to the sd card storage and all my vault data is lost. i've tried to get back the data by copying back the folder to the device storage but i did'nt get the data

    3. In this you should have a backup. The data in the vault is encrypted and if the vault is not recognizing it then you can't get it back. We will look upon this problem, but till then do not delete that vault folder and do not copy new files to your phone.

  2. Can vault encrypted file be view by external file managers?

    1. A root explorer can let you see the encrypted file. But the file is a single binary which can't be used by anyone else, except you.