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Get iOS Home Screen For Android With Espier Launcher

Get iOS Home Screen For Android With Espier Launcher Espier launcher is an android app that imitates the traditional iphone ios home screen on android.In short espier launcher will make any android smartphone‘s homes creen to look like iphone.Espier launcher is a standalone app for android to launch the ios home screen on android.It doesn’t use other apps like go launcher ex to change the home screen of android into iphone.However it will not convert the entire UI(User Interface) of your android phone to iphone’s only home screen will look like ios.

Espier launcher 2.0.9 apk Download

How To Use Espier Launcher

1.Get Power Control : You can get the power control which contains the shortcuts to Bluetooth,wifi,data network,brightness and volume.To access the power control just slide the screen upwards and then slide the shortcuts from left to right two times to access the power control.

2.Search Files On Your Android Phone : Now with espier launcher you can search your device for files,media and contacts.To search for any file just slide the screen from left to right till you see a search bar.Now enter your query and search.

3.Hide And Rename Apps : Touch any app and hold for 2 seconds until you see apps are shaking.Again touch any shaking app to rename or hide it after a notification will appear for options.

4.Design Icon For Your App : Now you can design custom icon for your apps with espier launcher.But the custom icon will only appear in espier launcher.To change the icon of any android app in espier launcher just take apps in shaking mode discussed in step 3 above and click on any app of which you want to change the icon.
  • A popup will open.You need to select “Design Icon”.

  • You can change icon background here.
  • Also you can change the icon and put your favourite photo on it by clicking “Replace Icon” and selecting your photos from “System gallery”.
  • After editing the icon click done on top right.
5.Turn On Widget Page : You can put all your android widgets on widget page.To turn on widget page click menu button of android phone and select “Preferences”.Now turn on “Widget Page” by moving the slider towards right and will turn blue.Now goto widget page by sliding screen from left to right until you see an empty page with only four icons.To add widgets here click menu>Add>Widgets.choose your favourite widgets to add here.

6.Download Themes : To download more themes click menu and select themes and click “More online themes” to download more themes.

Advantages Of Espier Launcher

1.Turns the android home screen into ios iphone home screen.
2.Has an inbuilt file search engine which can search anything on your device like pictures,music and contacts or other files.

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  1. i want to ask is it official available in malaysia for the s advance update 4.1?

    1. Yes it is officially available. Check on samsung-updates