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How To Play NeoGeo Games On Android

How To Play NeoGeo Games On Android Hello friends, I hope you enjoyed my previous articles about gaming on android. Now I found a new one which will let you play NeoGeo games on android. If you don’t know what is NeoGeo then it is a video game console that was released in 1990s by SNK Playmore Japan.It is a 24 bit game system with Motorola 68000 CPU of 16 bit and the 8-bit zilog co-processor. The console wsa popular for delivering colorful detailed 2D graphics in NeoGeo games.

The NeoGeo system is currently not available in retail. But you can play NeoGeo games on your android phone. An app called NeoDroid will let you to play NeoGeo games on android.


  • NeoGeo emulator for android NeoDroid - Download from play store, its a paid app.
  • GnGeoLib apk - Search in play store and download.
  • bios file.
  • NeoGeo ROMs, download from Google.

Steps To Play NeoGeo Games On Android

  • Download and install neodroid apk and GnGeoLib apk.
  • Download the bios file.
  • Download the Metal Slugx game ROM. You can use emuparadise.
  • Now look for a folder on your android phone’s sd card. Its name is “neodroid”. This folder is automatically created after the NeoDroid app is installed.
  • Now copy and paste the game rom and files in “sdcard>neodroid>roms”. Put all the new NeoGeo games in this ROMs folder.
  • Now open NeoDroid app. You will see a pic like this below.
play metal slug games android
  • Click the screw driver icon for “Settings”. Scroll down and uncheck “Vibrate on touch”.
  • Now click “Controller type” and select digital. Now go back and launch the game. You will see a joystick and 4 buttons. Two additional buttons includes the “COINS” and “START”.
  • Click the COINS button more than 2 times then press the START button at top right corner to launch the game and select your player.

Additional Settings

  • To save the game state click the back button of your android phone and click the “floppy” icon then click “Create new save”.Your game state will be automatically can’t over write a saved state.
  • To load a state again repeat the same procedure.Click the back button,then select floppy icon.It will show you all the saved states.Select any state to load.
  • See the image below and click the icon highlighted as 1 and select none.This will make the game screen look sharper and clear.
metal slug x neogeo android

  • See the image again and click the icon highlighted as 2 and adjust the visibility of the controls.As you see a green bar to adjust the visibility.
metal slug x neodroid android

Now you are all set to play any neogeo game on your android phone. You can check other tutorials about android gaming which are listed below.

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4.NES games on android.

All Metal Slug Games (1-7) In One ROM

If you want to play all Metal Slug games from 1-7 then use the PPSSPP emulator for android and download the Metal Slug anthology for PSP. You can read this article play all metal slug games on android.

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  1. Replies
    1. what is not working?Please provide full information.

    2. when i enter in the game pic .. the game stopes

    3. Please download and install the latest Neodroid apk. You have to buy this app from Google Play Store. I will soon update the article with the latest version.

  2. Fantastic its a good!!!
    very nice thanks!!!!!

  3. Seems to not be working it says can't init metalslugx... Parent file not found

    1. Download the correct rom file of metal slug x super vehicle 101 from the link below.

      Metal Slug X Rom Download

    2. my same problem

    3. Hey adit don't worry. Just wait for one day so that I can upload metal slug x file on dropbox. I have a working rom file of metal slug x. Or try the link below.

      metal slug x

  4. Working on my gtab 2 10.1
    Good work!

  5. Not worked for me, i tried many roms but same problem. its saying ERROR: file 016-mi.bin not found..

    1. This is not an emulator error, the rom you are trying to play is corrupt. I have also faced these types of errors many times.

  6. Hey was looking forward playing mslug bt your "gngeolib.rar" file seems corrupt it wont install

    1. You have to first extract the file. Its an zipped apk file. Unzip the file first then transfer it to your phone then install. It will work.

  7. The game does not run e.g. MetalSlug 4. I have done all the configurations that you mentioned and can see the game in the list in black text (not in red text) and in working status mentioned.

    but when i click the game, neodroid app closes and i am taken to android home.

    I am running Huawei p8 lite (lollipop 5.1)

    1. The rom may not be correct. Most neogeo roms have missing files.

    2. I have the exact same problem

    3. If you want to play metal slug 1-6 then try Metal Slug anthology for PSP. You can use PPSSPP for playing this game on android. This game has all the metal slug versions ever released. Check the PPSSPP tutorial below.

  8. Please how I can change the date save from sdcard for external sdcard since my SDcard space is kinda low and I donr want to fill and I don't know how also when I m trying to play king of fighters the game is working fine but the sound is like very slow and kinda sucks also when I activate the slow motion the sound is back to nor all but the game screen gets smaller which is more suck anyway its working fine the only problem here is the sdcard one so please try to answer me as fast if you can and above all thanks a lot good working