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Lock Android Apps With App Lock For Android

Lock Android Apps With App Lock For Android Securing your data is the first step to prevent it from getting into wrong hands.Android is no exception and yes it also needs to be secured.You store your private and secret data on android and do not want that anybody should see it.So you should prevent access to your private data on android so that nobody can view it by securing and locking your phone with default pattern lock or number lock.

But what if somebody breaks your number or pattern lock then he/she will see all the content stored on your android and may even copy sensitive data without your concern.It is very simple to defend those people who always try to explore your phone’s content just to steal something.

App Lock for android is the right app to defend your phone’s content against wrong hands.App Lock for android is an app that can lock all apps in your phone with a number or pattern lock so nobody can view them except you.So if your phone is vulnerable immediately install app lock for android.

Download App Lock 1.61 For Android Apk

Settings For App Lock
1.Open app lock and enter your password.Again enter password to confirm and save.

2.Then enter your desired “Security Question” with security answer and click save.
3.Then you will see the list of all apps installed on your phone and sd card.
4.The first app you need to lock is the Install/Uninstall app.If you lock this system app then nobody will be able to uninstall app lock to gain access to your private data.This is the must step.

5.Now you can lock your desired apps by sliding the slider to right in front of every app.
6.If you want to lock everything on your phone at once then just click the lock icon in blue menu bar below.You can again click it to unlock all apps at once.

Use Pattern Lock Instead Of Number Lock
1.Pattern lock is hard to break than number lock.To use pattern lock for apps on app lock click the key icon in blue menu bar and click “Pattern Lock” in Unlock mode.

2.Now draw your desired lock pattern.Draw again to confirm.
3.Now whenever you open  an app you will need to draw correct pattern to unlock the app.

Hide App Lock
If you bought a pro version of app lock from play store then you can hide it and nobody can see it.This will make them think what is preventing them from accessing your private data because they would not find any answer and will give up after sometime.

1.To hide app lock just click the menu button on your android phone and click settings from the top right and scroll down.
2.Check “Hide App Lock”.App lock will hide itself but only in a paid version.

3.After hiding app lock for android you yourself won’t be able to access it.The only way to access it is to enter a number *#*#12345#*#* in your phone’s dialpad.App Lock will open automatically after entering this number.

Note : This app works best for android phones which have an internal mass storage and there is no need to use sd cards because sd cards can be removed and can be read on other devices.This app doesn’t provide any security against pc suites and USB mass storage mode.

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