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How To Reset Apps On Android Without Uninstallation

How To Reset Apps On Android Without Uninstallation Android apps consume a lot of space on your phone as they grow old day by day.Their size increases because they store data on your android phone everytime you use them.This data is called android application data and is normally stored on your phone’s storage.The more you use the app the more will be the application data size applicable to most android apps.

Some applications like UC browser keeps increasing its application data size day by day as we use it.The application data contains app settings,registries and other important entries entered by you in the app.As the app size increases it uses more and more space on your phone therefore your phone falls short of space and you can’t install other apps due to no space left on your phone.

The only option left is to uninstall the app to free up space on your android phone.But there is another trick by which you can free up space used by that app without uninstalling it.You just have to clear the app data to reset that app.When you clear the app data of an app it will reset to its start point.Also resetting an app will clear all of its data stored on the phone and will bring it to its initial state.

Reset An App Without Uninstallation
1.Goto Settings.
2.Select Applications.
3.Then select Manage applications.
4.Select your desired app.
5.Click Clear data

clear app data

Note : After clearing the app data the desired android app will return to its initial state thereby freeing up the space.Before clearing the app data check its size.Clear app data only if your phone has very low  space otherwise no need to do this.

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