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Unable To Login In Gmail For Android After Enabling 2-Step Verification On Gmail

Unable To Login In Gmail For Android After Enabling 2-Step Verification On GmailGoogle’s gmail provide us many security features to secure our account from being hacked.One of the most widely used security feature is the 2-step verification on gmail account or google account.Whether we say gmail account or google account it means the same thing.In 2-step verification you have to provide a mobile number to google to send you codes.When you login into your google account then google will ask you for that code sent on your mobile.You can’t login unless you enter the code.You can get 2-step verification codes either by sms,a phone call or google authenticator app for android.This tutorial applies to android,iOS,Java phones and blackberry smartphones.

After enabling 2-step verification on google or gmail account you will see that you are unable to login in the gmail app for android.Everytime you login into the gmail android app then it will always show that you have entered a wrong password.But don’t worry it is not due to password but is due to 2-step verification which can’t be resolved by the gmail app for android.But you can still login into gmail app no matter if you have enabled 2-step verification on google account.All you have to do is to login in the gmail app for smartphones by entering an “application specific password”.

How To Get An Application Specific Password For Gmail

Application specific passwords are different for different google apps.You don’t need to remember them,you have to enter them only once in the required google app.Application specific passwords are required if 2-step verification is enabled for google account.

1.Goto and login.
2.Click “Security” under the “Account” on left side.
3.Under 2-Step Verification click “Settings”.
4.Now under “Application specific passwords” click “Manage application specific passwords”.You have to enter your google account password to continue for security purposes.
5.Now you have to generate an application specific password for android gmail app.

application specific password

6.Enter a name like “Password for gmail android” or you can choose of your choice and then click “Generate password”.

7.Now you will see a generated password.You have to enter this password in gmail app for android.In notifications you will see a white triangle login error.Click this white triangle and enter your generated password.
8.When you enter this application specific password in gmail android then you will not get a wrong password error again.

If you would like to know about all the security features of google account and how to enable them then you should read Google Account Security.

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  1. In Samsung Email application, google server always says wrong gmail name or password even though I have used the correct one and hence I am not able to use email app in my Samsung SDuos mobile. How to configure when the server is not accepting the correct email name and password. I dont have problem is accessing the account through gmail with the same login name and password

    1. If you enabled 2 step verification then you can't login on samsung email app. For this to login you have to generate application password. Follow the above tutorial to generate an application password and enter that password in your samsung email app. If the app still not works then try manual setup of incoming and outgoing settings.

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