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Infolinks Intext Advertising Program : Review

Infolinks is an intext advertising program which helps to monetize your blog by providing text ad links on your blog.Infolinks is the leader in intext ads and they support blogger,wordress,joomla,drupal etc. and almost any platform that supports infolinks javascript code.To use infolinks on your website you have to signup first and then have to add atleast one website or blog.Your website should have atleast 10 well written posts to get approved.Your website will be approved within 2 days.If you don’t have an infolinks publisher account then sign up first for the program.

Infolinks SignUp

I am writing this review because most people still thinks that infolinks is not good for monetizing your blog,but after reading this review you will know that infolinks is the best intext ads advertising program available today.


How Does Infolinks Works
After getting your website approved you have to integrate the infolinks javascript ad code on your blog by getting the code from your infolinks account.When you login into the account you will see an integrate tab.Click on it and select the website for which you want to get the code.That code smartly scans your blog’s text and turns them into double underlined links.When someone clicks on these links you get paid.Infolinks pays 70% of the revenue share which is greater than any intext advertising program.You can check your daily earnings for all websites separately.

Does Infolinks Really Pays
Yes infolinks really pays and they pay on time and on a monthly basis.Some says that infolinks is a scam,but this is not true.They are saying this because they are unable to generate any income or do not know about infolinks.Infolinks is not a scam,it is a genuine advertising program which is the best intext advertising program available today.They are ready to help us everytime we want them to help and they also provide their best to help monetize your blog.They make every publisher feel special by providing quality support whenever needed.Here is the infolinks payments proof.

infolinks payments proof

How Can I Receive Payments
Infolinks provides us 6 ways to receive our payments.We can choose the payment method which suits us best.The 6 payment methods are eCheck,Paypal,BankWire,ACH(for US bank accounts only),Western Union and Payoneer.

1.eCheck : If you select eCheck to receive your infolinks payments then your payments will be directly deposited to your bank account.You have to submit your bank details in infolinks account to receive payments via eCheck.The minimum threshold for eCheck is $50 dollars.You will be charged $6 dollars plus 2% of total earning as currency conversion.eCheck is a very low cost method of receiving payments.

2.Paypal : You can receive your payments via paypal.Paypal may or may not be available in your country.Check it before selecting this method.The minimum threshold is $50 and $1 fee is charged for US paypal transactions plus 2% of your total earnings.If you are outside of US then you will be charged $10 plus additional fee charged by paypal.

3.BankWire : It is direct transaction of funds from infolinks to your personal bank account.The minimum threshold is $100.You will be charged $25 plus 2% of total earnings as currency conversion.BankWire is available where bank accounts use SWIFT system.

4.Western Union : You can receive your infolinks payments via Wetern Union Money Transfer.The minimum threshold is $100 and $15 will be charged plus 2% for currency conversion.

5.ACH : ACH is only available for US bank accounts.It is a kind of Bank Wire transfer.The minimum threshold is $50 and there is no fee charged by infolinks but some bank charge transaction fee.

6.Payoneer : It is an infolinks prepaid debit master card and is accepted where mastercard is accepted.You can also use it at most ATMs.You need to signup for payoneer account.For more information about infolinks payoneer check this.

As you see Infolinks is providing us 6 ways to receive payments.That is the reason for which infolinks is best.You can see many popular advertising programs like

Google Adsense : Only pays via check.
Chitika : Only Pays via paypal & check.

But infolinks pays via 6 ways which is not provided by any other advertising program.Accordig to me infolinks is the best intext advertising program to monetize your website.If you have any problem about any topic regarding infolinks then feel free to ask.

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  1. Hi there, this is Pamela from Infolinks. Thanks for sharing your review with your readers! Infolinks is a great way to earn money from your website. Infolinks can also be used together with AdSense for those who don't want to make a choice and want to increase their earnings even further. Happy blogging!