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Manage Battery Life With The Battery Percentage App For Android

Android smartphones have a built-in battery analysis tool that displays applications and widgets that consume the most energy. By checking on this tool regularly, you can make adjustments to the Power usage on your phone. There is also a plethora of battery management apps available in the Google Play store, ranging from widget apps to analysis apps and even battery overclocking apps. But sometimes it is the simplest things that make life easier. One such thing is to express the energy level as a percentage instead of having only the regular green battery icon in the top notifications bar. A percentage number gives you a better idea of how much time you have left until you need to recharge.
Most Android devices do not have the functionality to express battery life as a percentage but there is an app for that. The app called “Battery” is a lightweight app that does exactly what we want. This nifty little tool has amassed over 10 Million downloads already. It’s simple, it’s effective, and it’s free. Let’s take a closer look.

Step 1: Install Battery App

Download and install the app called Battery (by developer MacroPinch) from the Google Play store.

google play

Step 2: Set Up Notifications

Open the app. Tap on Notifications in the main menu. This adds the battery life’s current energy level as a percentage number in the top notifications bar.

Step 3: Setup Battery Widget

The Battery app comes with two differently sized widgets that you can place on any Home screen if you wish. Depending on what mobile device you are using the path will be different to get to the widgets. Usually long-pressing on a Home screen lets you add widgets. The Battery app widgets come in 2x1 and 4x2 grid sizes.

Step 4: Advanced Stats

The Battery app comes with a few advanced statistics but they are only used to gain an overview over some basic functions of your smartphone. In the app’s main menu, tap on Advanced and you will see stats for Temperature, Voltage, Health, and battery Technology.

So why does this simple app already have over 10 Million downloads? I believe it’s because it improves the meaningfulness of something very basic that most mobile device owners are interested in: how much battery life is left until I need to recharge? Anybody who is using a smartphone or tablet regularly is looking at the battery icon at least once a day. The Battery app integrates into exactly that basic user behavior. A battery percentage number simply answers the question of how much battery life is left better than a battery icon.

About the Author: Mark Galaxy

This is a guest post by Mark Galaxy, who is a writer for Android Tips, Tricks & Hacks and the creator of the GalaxyUnlocker unlock software for Samsung

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