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Two Awesome Tricks To Make Bootable USB For Windows 8 Installation

Hello guys you all know that Windows 8 has been launched back in October 2012 therefore you may want to put your hands on it.Well it is natural to do so because windows 8 is the successor of windows 7.It is equipped with a metro style interface which is activated instantly on the press of the windows key.You can see all apps on a press of this button.Also the newer version brings compatibilty with latest softwares and games and most fascinating feature is the touch capability of windows 8.So to install it you need an installation disc.

So you got one and found that suddenly your pc's DVD RAM drive has failed and is not reading discs.So you feel that you are screwed as the DVD drive has failed.But it is not so you can still install windows 8 through a bootable USB drive.But what a bootable drive is,well a bootable USB drive can be read by the BIOS during booting and it has NTFS file format unlike a normal USB which has FAT32 format.This bootable USB can be used to install the operating system.Now I am telling you the process how you can do this.

Two Situations Arises
  1. Making bootable USB from windows 8 iso.
  2. Making bootable USB from the DVD disc.
The first condition means that your DVD drive has failed and not reading discs anymore.In this case you need a software called WinUSB maker which will make bootable USB from the iso file.First you have to download it.Download link is given below.

Windows 8 Bootable USB From ISO
Insert the empty USB drive and extract and open the file WinUSB maker.

  • Select the USB in the drop down list and click "Setup to USB" on the left.

  • Then select "I want to work with an iso file" and click on the button "Select an ISO or Directory".
  • After selecting the iso file click "Make USB Bootable".If you get format warnings then click ok.

Windows 8 Bootable USB From Installation DVD Disc
  • If you have the installation disc then you will need an another software known as koala.You can download it from given link below.
Link koala download
  • Extract and open koala.
  • When you open it you will see source and destination.Click both scan buttons one at a time.
  • Make sure that you have inserted the windows 8 disc and a USB drive atleast 4GB.
  • Do not plug in two pendrives.
  • After getting source and destination click start.

  • Installation from pendrive is very fast as compared to disc.
  • No read or write errors.
  • Works best if your pc's DVD drive has failed.
These are the two softwares that can be used to make a bootable USB for windows 8.However the WinUSB maker can be used for both DVD disc and iso file but koala will make bootable USB only from windows 8 DVD disc.

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