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Send Unlimited Messages Via Android Without Using Sms Packs

Hello friends you all know that how costly are the sms packs.You have to purchase them separately and have to recharge your phone if you want to send sms messages.If you are not active on any sms pack then sending a simple text message will cost you around 1 INR in home network and upto 3 INR while roaming.So this post will concentrate on how you can send unlimited messages without recharging with sms packs.This trick will work on any android phone having any network provider like vodafone,airtel,t-mobile etc.All you have to need is a working data connection and an android app called "Free SMS India".

This app is freely available on google's play store and you can also download it from here also.

Download App

As you know there are many websites on internet that allows you to send free sms throughout India.These websites are given below.You should have a working account with atleast one of them.
  1. Way2Sms
  2. 160by2
  3. YouMint
  4. SMS440
  5. IndyaRocks
  6. Ultoo
Free SMS India is an android app which acts as a gateway to these websites.You have to enter the login details in this app and you can send sms as much as you want.The interesting thing is that the messages you send through this app will also be available in your phone's sms messages.There is no need to use any browser and once you have entered the login details then this app will work for you.

How To Setup The App For Free Messages

Now I will tell you how to configure this app.I will only tell the procedure for 160by2 because it is same for the rest of the websites.First of all download and install this app the link has been provided to you.Now proceed as follows.But before this your internet connection should be activated.
  • Click Free Sms India and click the left menu button on your android phone and select "Settings".
  • Now Click "Setup Gateways".
  • Select 160by2 from the list and select "Enter Login Details".
  • Enter your login details and click save.The login details are provided to you by these websites and are different for different websites.
  • Now return to main menu and select "Compose New Message" and enter the mobile number and click send.It will be sent within few seconds.
You can directly send a message from contacts menu just swipe left on that contact(applicable on samsung devices) it indicates a message call a popup will open showing you the two options of messaging.Select the app and just type the message.

  1. No need to waste money on sms packs.
  2. Supports all gateways and all android phones.
  3. Messages sent through this app are visible in phone messages.
  4. Works in home network and roaming totally free of cost provided that you have a working internet connection.

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