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How To Root Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100 With Stock Recovery

Rooting the android device gives you root access to your android phone.Rooting is done to overcome limitations that android hardware own since its inception.By rooting we can alter the android subsystem,replace and edit system apps and run android apps that require root accesses and super user privilages.

In this tutorial we will teach you to root Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100 with stock rom,which means that we are only rooting the stock jelly bean android 4.1 rom and not installing ant custom rom for galaxy note 2.To root galaxy note 2 the easy and faster way we will be using CF auto root package for galaxy note 2.A XDA member "Chainfire" has submitted this package for rooting galaxy note 2.You should be thankful to him.So lets start to root galaxy note 2 N7100.

Tools We Need
Now Proceed As Follows
  • Shut down your galaxy note 2.
  • Download odin v3 and open it and put a check mark in front of the PDA tab.
  • Click this PDA button and browse for the CF auto root file.This file has an extension of .tar so extract this file from zip after downloading from the above links.Size of file is 38.25 MB after extracting.

  • Now start your phone by pressing home key,volume down and power key together.You will see a yellow triangle and warning about installing a custom rom on android.When you see this page press the volume up button.


  • Now you have successfully entered the odin mode on your galaxy note 2.
  • Now connect your phone to pc via USB cable.When you connect your phone you will see some value under ID:COM tab and a message like <ID:0/023> Added!!.
  • Now click start to flash.The process will take few minutes to root galaxy note 2.
  • On successfully rooting the device you can see "PASS" over ID:COM tab which means that your galaxy note 2 is successfully rooted.Disconnect the phone.
  • Now restart the phone with root access.
This rooting process will raise the flash counter by '1' which means warranty void.To stay in warranty you need to reset the flash counter to '0' to claim warranty.You need to download an app called triangle away.This app will reset the flash counter to zero and you will be able to successfully reclaim warranty even if your device is rooted.You can download it here.

Triangle away Download

Important Things To Do After Rooting

After rooting samsung galaxy note 2 you should make the backup of EFS folder.This folder contains all the information regarding wifi,bluetooth and mac addresses and the most important the IMEI no.Backup is mandatory because if EFS partition is corrupted then you will not be able to make calls.There is an tutorial on how to make EFS backup.Click the link below.

WARNING : Do not attempt unfair means.We will not be responsible for any damages.

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