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How To Disable Javascript In All Major Browsers

This guide will let you know to disable javascript in browsers which are mostly used including the Google chrome,mozilla firefox,opera 12 and internet explorer 9.First of all I should make clear that disabling the javascript for always on your browsers will stop it from executing it therefore do not let it happen for always otherwise you will see only a static webpage with no interactivity due to absence of javascript.

The question lies why we should disable javscript.The answer is that all websites use scripting there is no website which do not use sripting.Most of these websites use few codes of javascript to interact with their users in a smarter way and granting them smooth access to their website.But some website holders use it to annoy their users by access promotions of their ads,affiliate links and unwanted pop-ups.As a result the users get annoyed.

However most of these annoying websites still contain useful data that visitor to this site desperately needs it but due to unwanted pop-ups he can't.Their are many file serving websites that are indulged in such activities.The want more clicks,more facebook likes and impressions,that's why they run scripts codes in excess.So any user who wants to disable javascript should follow the steps below.By disabling scripting no code will execute in your browser and you can select and right click on websites which have disabled left mouse selection and right click on their website.Also disabling javascript will speed up browsing.So lets start.

Google Chrome : To disable javascript in Google chrome just move to settings page and scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Show advanced settings".Now click "Conten Settings" under the "Privacy" option.Now click "Do not allow any site to run JavaScript" then click ok.Now no scipting code will run in Google chrome.

google chrome disable script

Mozilla Firefox : To disable in Mozilla firefox just got to options by clicking the orange firefox dropdown on the top left corner of window.Now move to "Content" tab and uncheck "Enable javascript".

mozilla firefox disable javascript

Internet Explorer 9 : To disable in internet explorer 9 just open internet options either from the browser or directly from the control panel and select "Security" tab and then click "Custom level".Now scroll down and find "Scripting" and disable "Active scripting" under it.

internet explorer disable scripting

Opera 12 : To disable javascript in Opera 12 browsers just click the opera icon on top left corner of window and goto settings.Then select "preferences" then click "advanced" then select "content" and uncheck "Enable javascript".

Now you know how to disable javscript in these browsers.You can try this yourself if some websites are annoying you.Share it if you like it.

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