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5 PC Hardware Problems That You Can Fix Yourself

Hardware failure can be a stop to your computing experience.Pc hardware is the most important part in building a pc.Pc hardware is of very advanced level hardware which require an expert technician/engineer to repair them once failed.However the lifetime of a computer hardware is nearly 10 years or more if handled properly and serviced regularly.

During this long duration of 10 years any problem or fault can get into your pc hardware.You cannot guarantee at what time what problem will get in to your pc.So I am telling you some cool tips to avoid common hardware problems that you can fix yourself.

RAM Faults And Errors : You can't prevent RAM faults but you can fix them.Whenever the RAM fails then the computer doesn't work properly and it shows a blue screen with a memory reference like x00xxxxx as a boot interruption.Also the pc restarts again and again.The pc restarts again and again due to faulty RAM chips.These faulty chips are unable to store the bootloader or NT loader file therefore the OS cannot find it and hence it shuts down and restarts all processes,due to non-availability of bootloader file in RAM as a result pc restarts again and again.This problem is fixed by replacing the RAM with a new one.But before buying it make sure the to check the model whether it is DDR,DDR2 or DDR3.

Cleaning The Dust Off Hardware : Dust is the enemy of our pc's hardware it keeps sticking on the motherboard and electrical components.As motherboard and electrical components heat up continuously it changes the physical properties of dust and turns it into a mild silica like compound which is even more sticky and does not leave the hardware even after blowing off with a pressurised air blower.To clean the dust use a very soft brush and if possible remove the motherboard and then clean it thoroughly.Also clean the heatsink.You have to remove it for proper cleaning.If you do not have thermal compound then do not remove heatsik.I have a video tutorial in which I washed the heatsink with water to clean it off.The video is posted below.

CD/DVD Disc Tray Not Opening : This is a very minor problem and occurs due to non-lubrications of sliding in-out mechanism of CD/DVD disc tray.But if you do not know how to do this then do not worry you can still open the disc tray.Just look for a tiny hole below the disc tray.This is a pin size hole so you will be needing a pin which can go inside this hole.Just insert the pin in this hole a little bit and make sure your pc is on,Then press the eject button and then insert the pin fully until the disc tray comes out.Remove the pin.You have fixed this minor hardware problem.

System Clock Resets Automatically : This minor hardware problem occurs when the motherboard's battery dies.This battery is like a big button cell,a size of a coin.When this battery dies the pc BIOS will always show an error and the system clock will remain wrong always.You can't even store BIOS settings if the battery is out of current.Just change the button cell of same voltage to fix this minor hardware problem.

Static Electricity : Static electricity is also an enemy of pc hardware as it leads to short circuits and blowing up of transistors and capacitors and burning of wires.To avoid damage due to static elecricity just do the earthing of board where you connect the UPS's power cord.You need a long wire which can bear more than 240 volts and a plastic jar full of mud.You will then need an electrician to do the earthing for your pc.

These are the common hardware problems that you can fix yourself which will save your much money and also you will learn more about pc hardware and its components.Share it if you like it.

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