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How To Disable Java In All Major Browsers

Java is everywhere.It is found in phones,computers and consumer electronics.According to Oracle 3 billion devices run on it.But due to a major Java flaw it's not safe to use it on your computer.Researchers have identified a code that attacks computers without notifying the users.

According to major cyber security firms mostly Java 1.7x JRE are vulnerable.This major flaw in it can exploit your computer by executing infected applets if you visit such a website.It is advised to quickly disable or uninstall it from your computer.

Mostly it is used in browsers,so browsers are more vulnerable to this threat.Disabling Java in your browsers will earn you some security.

Disabling Java In Browsers
  • Google Chrome : To disable Java in google chrome goto settings.Then move to the bottom of the page and click "Show advanced settings".Then click "Content settings" under the privacy tab.A window will open.Move to "Plugins".Under plugins you will see "Disable individual plugins".Click it and a list of plugins will open.You can whether Java is present in this list.If it is present in this list then click disable.
  • Internet Explorer 9 : In internet explorer goto "internet options" and click the "security" tab then click "Custom level" and then scroll down and find "Scripting of Java Applets".Click disable and its done.
  • Opera Browser : In opera browsers goto "preferences" and click "content" then uncheck "plugins".All plugins will be disabled.
  • Mozilla Firefox : Open firefox click "tools" >Addons then click the plugins tab and locate each of  plugins and disable them one by one.
For Users Who Can't Uninstall Java

Well according to cyber security firms there is no way to defend this threat so you have to disable Java plugins in almost every browser which you use.If you use Java for development purposes then you are safe if you are not connected to internet.And if you are browsing the internet then always visit trusted websites and use a good antivirus program.It is advisable to be alert while using internet otherwise you will become vulnerable and can be exploited without being noticed.Remember nobody is 100% secure in this cyber world.

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