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Attach Any File In Gmail For Android Without Using Attachments[Gmail Attach]

Many times you might have seen that you are unable to attach any file except images in the Gmail for android.Well the Gmail for android doesn't have file explorer so it only supports image attachments.But it doesn't mean that you can not attach any other file.This tutorial will teach you to attach any kind of file on Gmail plus it will also let you know to attach multiple files in one go without using the Attachments[Gmail Attach].

When you compose an email a compose form will open in Gmail in which you can attach only images.During email creation click menu button and select attach a popup will open showing only the gallery option.It won't allow you to attach pdf files,word documents,ppt and excel(xls) files directly.But you can attach them indirectly to Gmail for android by following a trick.

To Attach Any File In Gmail For Android Just Follow These Instructions Below

  • Suppose you want to attach any file then locate that file on the sd card.
  • Click the menu button on your android phone and select "share".From that list select "Gmail".
  • Now put a tick mark in front of all the files which you want to attach and click ok.
  • When you click ok the Gmail app will open automatically.
  • Enter the email address to send the attachments.
  • This trick is good because you can attach multiple files at once without using any app.
  • Uploading of files to Gmail will depend on network.
  • You will see a sync sign in the notifications bar until your message has been sent.Do not disable packet  data during uploading.
So far you have not used the Attachments[Gmail Attach] app to attach multiple files.There is another way to attach multiple files in one go by first creating a zip archive of your favourite files.You can create a multiple zip on the android itself,just download "Androzip" from google play store and follow the instructions below.

  • Install androzip.
  • Create a new folder on sd card and move all your attachments to this single folder and name it as Gmail.This folder will contain all your files which you want to send.
  • Now open androzip and goto this "Gmail" folder.
  • Click menu button on android phone and select "Multiple" then select "Multiple ZIP".
attach any file in gmail for android
  • Now select all the files in this folder just by clicking on these files.When you click on these files their names will turn green which is an indication that file has been selected.
  • After selecting all files click "Create" on the top right and enter "My Files" as the name of the archive.
  • Now wait for few seconds and then locate "My" in the same folder.Click on "My" and select "Send".Then select "Gmail.".

All your files will be attached in one go as a zip archive.This has advantage as zip files have smaller size as compared to original files.Now you can attach any file.This tutorial has taught you to send any file using Gmail for android also sending multiple files in one go and you have not used any special app though.But there is an alternate trick which is discussed below.

Another Useful Trick To Attach Any File In Gmail Android

Now the above trick used the gmail app to attach files.But there is an other trick by which you can attach any file directly into the email app.For this trick we wont' be using the gmail app for android.In this trick we will use the android email app which is available in every android phone.With this email app you can attach almost any file stored on your phone.You can attach photos,videos,audio files,contacts,calender,memo.Also you can record your own video or audio in real time to attach in this email app while gmail for android doesn't support real time audio and video recording.So let's start.

1.Open the email app on your android phone.

2.Enter your gmail user name and password.The same login details that you entered in the gmail app.This app will work for gmail,yahoo,microsoft and other email service providers.
3.After entering login details click "Next".It will take few seconds to setup your email account.

4.After setup you will see account name and your name.You can edit them if you want to.Click "Done".

5.After this your email inbox will open.Click the menu button of your android phone and select "Compose".

6.An email composer will open.First enter the email address where you want to send your files.
7.Then you will see "Attach" button below see the image above 6th step.Click this button,a number of attaching options will open like as follows.

File : To attach any file from sd card.
Pictures : To attach pictures from the galllery.
Audio & Video : To attach audio and video files.
Capture picture : Capture photos from camera and then attach which is also know as attaching files in realtime.
Record audio & Video : Record audio & video in realtime and then attach.
Contacts,calender and memo : Attach phone contacts,calender and memo.

8.After selecting the file type you need to explore your file on your phone or sd card.Click the radio button to select the file.Click "OK" to attach.You can attach multiple files by selecting them.File size is limited to 10 MB only.

Advantages Of Android Email App

  • Works with any email service like gmail,yahoo,rediffmail and microsoft.
  • It doesn't require "Bakcground data" to be enabled therefore saves phone's battery.
  • Can attach almost any file and works easily with pdf and word documents like docx,pptx and xlsx.
  • We can reply to others with new attachments within same email.
Now after reading the above tips you won't be feeling any difficulty in attaching files in gmail for android.Hope you liked the post.Share this if you like it.Be social.

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  1. Awesome how Google can't seem to fix this problem. Especially since Google and Android are almost synonymous.

  2. Thanks, but there is one difficulty
    if a file needs to be attached in a response to an email thread, its not possible :(

    1. There is also a solution for this.First of all create a new email and attach any files to it using above method and then enter the email of that person whom you want to reply.

  3. this was a great help.thanks :)

  4. Hi.
    Thanks, this was really helpful.
    One question though, how do you do this by selecting from Google Drive, as it doesnt allow you to tick multiple files.

    1. Create a zip archive of the files and attach it in google drive.