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Guide To Track And Recover Hacked Facebook Accounts

Facebook hacking is common these days.Most users had been a victim of account hacking due to phishing and carelessness.This tutorial will ensure the recovery of your hacked facebook account.

But also your account should not be too prone to be hacked.If this is the case with you then getting your facebook account will be difficult.First of all if your facebook account is insecure then make it secure by following these steps.

  • Login to your facebook account.Click the little triangle next to the home button.
  • Click "Account Settings".You will be taken to the general account settings page.
  • You will see "Email" here.If you have only one email attached with facebook then add another email as a "recovery email".Verify this email.
  • Change your password.
  • Then click the "Security" tab on the left side.
  • You will see "Login Notifications" here click it and check "Email".You will be notified by email when someone logs in your account.
  • You will see "Recognized Devices" here.It contains a list of devices from which you had logged in your account previously.
  • Active Sessions shows your places.If you find anything suspicious and unknown in recognized devices and active sessions then immediately change your facebook password.
Now your account is secure enough from hackers.But what in case if it is hacked.When a facebook account is hacked the first thing a hacker will do is changing the password.When a password is changed Facebook sends notification to all the registered emails that the account's password has been changed and if it was not you who changed the password then it also sends you the account recovery link.You can click on that link for the recovery options.You will get an email like the picture below on password change.
Facebook Password Changed

Recover A Hacked Facebook Account

WARNING : Before doing this clear all the browser cache,history and cookies
  • Go to
  • And report about your compromised account.

  • Click "My Account Is Compromised".
  • Then you will be asked to enter your email address which you used to login in facebook.Enter the email address and click "Search".If nothing wrong is done by the hacker then your account will show up then click "This is My Account".

  • Then you will be asked to enter your old or current password which you used to login in facebook account.Enter your current password.
  • Then you will be given options to recover your account.These options include Google account,a text message on your phone,or reset link to your current email registered with facebook.Choose your best option.
Choose Option For Recovery

See the first picture in this article which shows the informations about hacker's IP address.If the hacker didn't use the proxy then it will be easy for you to track him down.Once tracked you can sue him by filing a lawsuit against him.

Important tips
  • Always keep your email addresses secure which are registered with Facebook.
  • Do not share your passwords.
  • Change your passwords regularly.
  • Avoid being lured by phishers in return of attaractive offers.
  • Do not store your passwords on your pc.
  • Be aware of apps which use your identity.
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