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Playing High End Games On Android Without Overheating The Device

Everyone enjoys playing games on android.Android hardware is growing as a gaming console.We can play high end games on android today.These games require a good investment in hardware.Expensive smartphone like Samsung galaxy s3 has very good hardware which include a very decent CPU and GPU to run these kind of games.

As we know if CPU and GPU usage increases then both of these generates a lot of heat.Modern phones like galaxy s3 generates much heat if you play high end games on it.Users of galaxy s3 report that its screen and the back panel gets very hot during a long gameplay.The reason behind this is heavy usage of CPU and GPU which in return heats the motherboard and onboard chips.If the android device runs continuously hot then it can damage the device's motherboard.

Here are some tips to keep your device cool while playing games.

  • Charging : While charging the phone do not pay games on your android phone.If you do this then charging and discharging will take place at the same time which will overheat your android phone.Also avoid heavy usage of wifi,3G and WCDMA for playing multiplayer games on android as this will heat up the device if used continuously.
  • Long Gameplay : Avoid playing games for a long time for e.g. continuously for 2 hours.This will drain the battery quickly and will keep the screen active which will also overheat the phone.As long as CPU and GPU of your android phone are under heavy usage then your phone will likely be pverheated.
  • CPU usage : Make sure that you should uninstall unwanted apps on your android.These apps run in background and use the CPU and waste its cycles so if you play games on galaxy s3 it will get hot.Before playing games use the task manager and clear the RAM which will kill unwanted apps.
  • Overclocked CPU : If you have a rooted android phone with an overclocked CPU then it will overheat your phone.Overclocking on android phone like a quad core galaxy s3 is not recommended because they already have a CPU with high clock aroung 1.6 GHz.
  • Undervolting The CPU : Undervolting the android phone's Cpu will let it to consume less voltage when it is idle.But undervoltig the CPU require rooted phone.Undervolting the CPU can create problems and can make the device to malfunction.Undervolt at your own risk.There is no need for doing this if you are a normal user.
Follow these tips to keep your phone cool while playing heavy games.

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