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New PS3 250 GB Launched With Great Features

Playstation 3 offers the best gaming experience.It can be called the master of gaming consoles.Now new sony ps3 is out now with great features included this time.The new ps3 is 25% smaller and lighter than its previous versions.The 250GB model is launched today 26 sep 2012.The new ps3 has an ability to upgrade the storage space so if you start with a 12GB model then you can later upgrade it to 250GB or 500GB.

Upgrading your console’s hard drive will give you the best gaming experience due to memorable games.The 500GB playstation 3 model will be available from 28 sep 2012.The new model has a slide out cover to open the blu ray disc player unlike the previous versions in which the blu ray disc is inserted in ps3.

The new playstation 3 is also getting a new firware/software.New software version is 4.25,so old console users can update their consoles to ver 4.25.Go to official playstation site to update system software.Do not update with third party software as they can brick the console.

Features of Playstation 3 Software Ver 4.25

1.The amount of data that you can save in online storage has been increased to 1GB for one account.
2.To use it you should have a playstation network account.

What's Included In New Playstation 3

if you buy it you will get
1.uncharted 3 drake's deception with over 45$ in bonus content.
2.eve dust 514.
3.30 days free playstation plus membership.
4.the new ps3 price is 269$.

Everything is just same in the new ps3 like the dual shock 3 controllers,blu ray disc player,audio video connector and power cord.The new ps3 is lighter and smaller than previous versions.Check out the gallery.

new ps3 2012

ps3 power cord

ps3 2012

standard video cables

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