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Inbound Writer : Online Content Optimization SEO Tool

Every blogger's aim is to optimize his content at its best.By optimization we mean making the content more SEO friendly,so to get good ranks in search engine results.Any written topic should be well structured in terms of tags,keywords and images.Inbound writer helps to optimize content by providing you suggestions about your content.

To get started first of all you have to signup at Inbound writer to create an account.After account creaion log into your Inbound writer account and click "Create New Document".A new page will open with an editor in which you can write your article along with a title.The interface is just similar to wordpress and blogger.

On the left side bar you will see a colourful SEO meter.This semi circular meter gives you the score of your articles after researching your article.The greater the number the higher the post will be SEO friendly and optimized.

How Inbound Writer Works

Inbound writer researches your article by using a number of sources like social web,websites and forums to collect best keywords and keyword phrases which will be good for your article's SEO.After a complete research Inbound writer provides you the score,the keywords,focus terms,keyword density and high rated terms.
Focus terms are keywords that you have used in your article more than once.It automatically tells the focus terms but you can also add your own focus terms that are repeated in your article.
Inbound writer also suggest you to use high rated terms related to your content to get the best SEO.

inbound writer

Benefits Of Inbound Writer

  • It is a free online SEO tool used for content optimization.
  • Wordpress and blogspot bloggers can use it easily and a wordpress seo plugin is also available for wordpress bloggers.
  • You can optimize upto 8 posts per month,beyond this you can take a plan which will cost you around 20$ dollars.
  • Real time SEO scores and suggestion.
  • Best online SEO tool for content optimization.
  • Helps to improve search engine ranking.
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