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How To Transfer Itunes Music To Android

This is a tutorial which will teach you how to transfer itunes music to android phone.As apple's iphone won't allow that due to DRM copy protection.The tutorial basically describes that how to convert itunes m4p to mp3 and m4a to mp3 format so that itunes music can be played on any android phone.You will need following things to do this.


  • Windows 7/Mac OS X
  • Tune Clone for Windows 7/Mac OS X
  • Itunes for Windows 7/Mac OS X

Now Do As Follows

STEP 1.Download "tune clone" and install it first.Download.
STEP 2.Download apple itunes for Windows 7/Mac OS X and install itunes.Download it from itunes store.
STEP 3.After installing open itunes and click "File" and select "New Playlist".You can also create a new playlist by pressing "Ctrl+N" and clicking the "+" plus sign at the bottom left of itunes.
STEP 4.After creating the playlist name it like "iphone" or something.

itunes playlist

STEP 5.Now you have to add itunes music files into this playlist.You can import a playlist or add files to this playlist.To add files select all the itunes music files then drag all the files to the playlist "iphone".All the itunes music files will be copied in this playlist.

STEP 6.Now right click on the playlist "iphone" in the left sidebar and select "Burn Playlist to Disc" as in the above figure.A new small window will open for burning the disc.You don't need any disc at all it is virtual burning.

itunes audio disc burning

STEP 7.In the "Disc Burner" option select "TuneClon Virtual_CD-RW" and check "Include CD Text".Then click burn.
STEP 8.Itunes will take some time to process this burning.After processing you will see tune clone encoder in bottom right of your pc screen.This is the conversion of m4a to mp3 format.

tune clone encoder

STEP 9.After tune clone encoding the application tune clone will open automatically showing you the converted itunes music to mp3 files.

tune clone

STEP 10.Right click on ay file and select "Open File Location".It will take you to the converted mp3 files.From this location you can save these converted itunes music files to pc and android phones.
STEP 11.Now its turn for android.Connect your android phone to your pc in storage mode and copy all the itunes music files whicyou have successfully converted to mp3.
STEP 12.Share it on facebook,twitter and google plus.

This was a tutorial to convert itunes music m4a,m4p to mp3 formats to run them on android.Be social and share it if you find it helpful.

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