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How To Save Web Pages As PDF Files On Android

This tutorial will let you know that how to save web pages as pdf files on android phones.This trick will work on any android phone.Before reading this post you were surely be saving web pages as html files,don’t you??

But after reading this tutorial there is no need to save them as html files or browser format.By browser format I mean the type or extension with which the browser on your android saves the web page.It might be different from html format.The biggest disadvantage of this web page saving style is that this format is browser specific and is not supported by all major browsers except the one that created it.For example when you save web pages on opera mini web browser then it will save them with an extension of obml.OBML stands for opera binary markup language and it is not cross platform and is only supported by opera mini.You can’t view these formats on your pc.

But it would be very easy to read them if web pages are saved as pdf files.You can easily save web pages as pdf files on android phone.You have to download dolphin browser HD for android that will get the job done.So if you have dolphin browser HD installed then you don’t need to download it,but if you don’t have it then download it from playstore,I am not providing the link because it is available free on play store.After you have installed the browser just open it and follow these steps.

  • Slide the browser window to the right,you will see three addons click the middle one.
  • It will take you to playstore to download the addon that will save web pages as pdf files.The addon’s name is web to pdf.Install it directly from playstore.
  • now relaunch the browser and browse throught the web and if you want to save any web page then just slide the browser window to the right and click on this pdf addon it will automatically convert the web page into pdf file and will save it in the download folder on the sd card.

Advantages of saving web pages as pdf files on android

  • They are supported by every android device and computer.A pdf file is cross platform.
  • You will directly see image unlike in html the images links brake if the file is moved to another place with all content while in case of pdf there is only one file.
You can try this trick on most android browsers which support this kind of addons. Now check this update tutorial for save opera mini page as pdf in this tutorial.

Technology has gone much farther since I wrote this article now you can save webpages as PDF files on your android by using chrome browser, see this article.

How To save Web Pages As PDF Files On Android

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  1. but what is the solution for opera mini.????

    1. opera mini is a very basic browser, it doesn't have such features. You can use UC browser 9.2 for saving web pages as pdf. See the tutorial.

    2. please check this tutorial. Your problem is saved, you can save opera mini web pages as pdf in android with this trick.
      save pdf from opera mini saved pages