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How To Remotely Control A Windows Pc Via Android

This tutorial is about controlling a windows pc remotely via your android phone.Remotely controlling your computer can help you many ways.For example suppose you have have forgot some important files in your pc and you want them them urgently then what you you do.

Don't worry if you have an android then you can easily retrieve that file from that windows pc.You can do this like you browse for that file and then launch a mailing client and then mailing that file to your personal mail inbox.So how you got it remotely without touching your computer.But you have to ask somebody to switch computer on and connect it to network so that you can make a connection between your android and the windows pc.

To remotely control a windows pc you will need two applications both for android and the windows pc.This application is "Teamviewer" and is used to remotely control a computer from a computer or a computer from a tablet or smartphone like android or iphone So first download both applications.I am providing the link.

TeamViewer for android : download link
TeamViewer for windows : download link

After installing teamviewer for both follow these steps.
  • First of all connect your computer to network.Switch on any routers or plug in any usb modems.Without network teamviewer won't work.
  • Open teamviewer on windows pc.You will see two blue windows will open.Note down the number in the "Your ID" text field and also the "Password".
teamviewer windows
  • Now open the teamviewer in android.Enter your computer's ID which you have noted in step 2.
  • Click "Remote control" in android teamviewer.
  • Then teamviewer ask you for authentication.Then enter the password which you noted in step 2 from your windows pc.
  • When you will enter the password and click ok in android teamviewer a connection will be made and your pc screen will turn black.You can view your android device in the bottom right above taskbar.
android teamviewer

  • If you want to close connection then click close in session list.
Benefits Of Remotely Controlling A Windows Computer
  • You can retrieve your import files.
  • You can provide online help and can fix problems in a computer by accessing it remotely.
  • You can provide tutorials by this screen sharing method.
  • You can chat using teamviewer during your session to the connected user whose pc you are controlling.
  • Control your windows pc via any android tablet,iphone or smartphone.

teamviewer on android
 windows screen on android

Click to view the video tutorial.

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