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Windows 8 Launch Accompanied By Microsoft's Surface Tablet On October 26 2012

Windows 8 Launch Accompanied By Microsoft's Surface Tablet On October 26 2012
windows 8 metro UI
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Windows 8 release date has been confirmed by Microsoft.The new version of windows will be released and officially available on October 26 2012,along with windows 8 release Microsoft also decided to launch the Microsoft surface tablet running on windows 8.Microsoft has confirmed this date in a US Securities And Exchange Comission(SEC).

Microsoft said : “The next version of our operating system windows 8,will be generally available on October 26,2012.At that time we will begin selling the surface,a series of Microsoft-designed and manufactured hardware devices”.The  normal version of Microsoft surface tablet will be launched on October 26 this year while the pro version of surface tablet will hit the market in January 2013.

Microsoft surface will be a tough competitor to Apple’s ipad and Google’s nexus 7 tablet.The Microsoft surface tablet has an ARM processor and is believed that new surface tablets can replace old windows laptops and notebooks.After waiting for a long time and going through various rumours Microsoft has finally revealed the official windows 8 launch date and that is official.

Windows 8 will be basically launched in 4 versions.But the most common will be the desktop and “metro” style versions.Desktop version will be like windows 7 and the metro style windows 8 version will run on ARM chip compatible devices.The normal version of Microsoft surface contains an ARM chip and it will be equipped with the metro style version of windows 8.The metro style version is designed specially for touchscreen devices.Both versions will contain internet explorer 10 but in ARM devices internet explorer wouldn’t support any flash plugin or active x plugin and only display flash content on websites that are under whitelist.The desktop version will support flash plugins and will deliver any flash content in the the browser.The browser will support HTML5.

microsoft surface tablet
The tablet price is yet not confirmed.The rumours say that normal version of surface tablet will be available for $599 while the pro version will be available for $999.But the price is not officially declared by Microsoft.The home users of previous versions of windows can upgrade to windows 8 at a price of not more than $39.9 said Microsoft.Microsoft surface tablet will soon prove its mettle in the tablet market as the windows phone os is doing.So its upto you whether you upgrade to desktop version or buy the surface tablet.

Microsoft Surface Tablet Specifications
Processor : ARM Nvidia Tegra SoC
Storage :32 or 64 GB with microSD slot
Display/Screen : 10.6 inches ClearType HD screen with multitouch
Connectivity : USB 2.0,Micro HDMI,2x2 MIMO Wi-Fi(802.11/b/g/n)

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