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Android 4.1 Jelly Bean : New Features

android jelly bean
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Android 4.1 jellybean is the latest android version after ice cream sandwich 4.0.The android 4.1 jelly bean is built over the android 4.0.Android 4.1 presents a wide range of remarkable features that can’t be found in previous versions.The android 4.1 concentrates on the overall performance of the OS thereby increasing good users experiences and faster performance.However the android 4.1 is not officially available for every android device and most devices don’t even see an update of it in their lifetime.The android jelly bean 4.1 at present is only available for only devices that is the Samsung galaxy nexus and Google’s nexus 7 tablets.Samsung galaxy s3 will get the android jelly bean update soon,but till that time galaxy s3 will continue to run on ice cream sandwich.The android jelly bean features are :
  • fast and smooth

     android jelly bean is the fastest among all versions.The user interface feels very fast and fluidic.By fluidic we mean everything on jellybean is just like a flow of liquid means a smoother performance.Buttery graphics and smooth transitions make user interface navigation effortless.The jellybean 4.1 makes effective use of the processor to save battery.Buttery graphics and transitions are developed under a project named “butter” by Google.Faster and smoother performance increases the user involvement in the OS therefore a user can learn and make most of it.
  • widgets

    personalize or style your homescreen with different widgets and don’t bother about the widget’s size.Larger widgets will resize on the home home screen  on their own.With android jelly bean 4.1 the home screen customization has become very easy.
  • improved notifications

    the android jelly bean has got improved notifications features,so you will be notified about every single bit that you have missed on your device.For example missed calls or a new email.The notifications will appear with much details.
  • the jellybean keyboard

    the android 4.1 keyboard is muc h relevant and accurate.The word prediction on jellybean is very relevant and it will suggest you words before you type them.The voice search has now been improved and it will work even without a data connection.
  • the android beam

    this is the new feature in android 4.1.With android beam now it is possible to share videos,apps and files with a one tap of beam at a very high speed.It works in two NFC enabled devices placed back to back.
  • voice search

    the improved voice search in android jelly bean allows you search the web with your voice.Voice search is very convenient as it saves much time.
  • google now

    it is a personalized search application developed by Google for android 4.1.It uses the prior information that you have left on your phone in past to generate an idea related to the information what you have searched before.It then represents the information in form of cards which are known as Google now cards.It provides you right information at right time and can provide information about traffic,weather,sports,flights,places,translation and currency.

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  1. Jelly Bean improves on the simplicity and beauty of Android, and introduces a new Google search experience on Android.

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