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8 Steps To Get More Likes For Your Facebook Page

8 steps to get more likes for your facebook page
Facebook Like
Gaining more likes to your facebook page is not an easy task because the people never want to connect with a low quality facebook page which has nothing different or unique on it.People want to connect especially with those pages that help them and sort out their problems frequently.If you are a facebook page admin then you should always answer the queries of your fans.Remember the more you interact with them the more they find that the page is really helpful and they do tell them about your page to others.Participate in comments and discussion with your facebook page fans.However the question is to gain more likes which means building your fans who are interested in your page.So here are some tips that will help you to gain more facebook page likes.But remember these tips won’t work in a single day,it depends on your hard work.So work hard to build genuine fans and follow these tips.

1.write and share quality content : share something new on your facebook page.Create genuine and unique content that won’t be found anywhere else except your page.Do not write very long posts on a facebook page.Write short and write unique.Keep updating your page everyday.Fans love pages that keeps on updating on a daily basis.If possible you can increase the frequency of updating your page 2 times a day,but it depends on you.Do reply with comments if somebody comments on your post.

2. share your page's link on other facebook pages : if you want to get more likes then you should share your facebook page’s link on other pages related to your page.People come online to search information what they don’t know so if somebody views the link posted by you then there are chances that he will like your page if you have something special and different.Repeat this link sharing process on a daily basis to attract more fans to your facebook page.

3.use facebook ads to promote your page : you can use facebook ads to promote your page to around 800 million users on facebook.For this you have to pay facebook to buy ads for your facebook page.But if you are a beginner then facebook may give you a free ads coupon worth 1500 INR.You have to do one one thing just move to facebook ads section and create an ad for your facebook page and fill all the details and your daily budget,then after filling all details cancel the campaign.Then after a few days facebook will send you a free ads coupon to your registered email on facebook.The free ads coupon will be around 1500 INR.You can use it to create free ads worth 1500 INR.Read all the details sent by facebook on your registered email.But remember after the credit limit 1500 INR you will need to pay money if you want to take more ads.If you don’t want to promote your page then cancel the campaign before you reach the credit limit.Failing to do so will increase your payments and if you don’t make any payments then facebook will delete your account.So be careful about this.

4.make a blog related to that facebook page : if you have gained enough likes then you can create a blog/website to get even more likes.Create a blog and share links on your facebook page.This is beneficial for both i.e. for blog and facebook page.The blog will get traffic from your facebook page and the page will get likes from blog.High traffic on blog will ensure more likes.

5.invite your friends : ask your friends to check out your page and also ask their friends to like your page.Do tell them about the page and how the page can help them.Ask them to share wherever possible.

6.commet on other blogs or facebook pages : sharing links on other facebook pages will increase likes also keep commenting on other blogs related to your page’s content with a link back to your facebook page.Tell them that this page can help them in a much smarter way.

7.offline promotions
  • offline promotion includes creating badges of your facebook page and distributing them in public
  • putting a sticker of your facebook page on your vehicle
  • sticking prints on walls.
8. promote your content using facebook promotion : when you write a specific post on facebook then you can promote that post also by paying a small amount of money.You can see a promote button in the status field.Click to promote.You have to pay for this.

facebook post promotion

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