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How To Take Screenshots And Record Pc Gameplay Videos

Most of us think how to record the videos of our gameplay we play on our pc.Now you can easily record gameplay videos and take screenshots during your gameplay.All of you have to do is download playclaw.Playclaw is a gaming videos recorder software tool which allows you to record pc gameplay videos.Recording gameplay videos is nice and needed when you want to show somebody how to play a particular game.You can record these videos and store them on your pc's hard drive and can upload them anywhere.So here is the procedure to get this done. playclaw and install it on your pc.Download Here
2.after installing run playclaw.
3.a window will appear.
playclaw click basic capture options will see another box opens.
playclay configure can configure playclaw here.You can set the audio hardware for desired quality of sound delivered to the video,also you can set video and screenshot storing location. after configuring run any game which you like. start recording your gameplay videos.Press F12 for a while you will notice that frames skip on your pc's screen. release the F12 button and start playing your game.
10.your in game or gameplay video is being recorded in the background and will be stored in the location specified by you. play the video using media player classics or windows media player.
12.convert your gameplay videos in any format share it with friends or upload on youtube.

I have recorded the gameplay of need for speed most wanted on my own pc.To view it how it looks click the player below to view.The quality is not very good because i compressed the video due to its large size but the original quality was amazing.

Also the screenshot is like as follows.

nfs most wanted

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